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Discrimination or a rising flood of immigrant crime?


Viva la France!

Article describing the short, wasted and violent life of Mohammed Maher. The usual story, but I hadn’t realized this: 80% of French inmates are Muslim.


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Price disclosed

5 N. Crossway

5 North Crossway in Lucas point sold yesterday for $1.900 million. I liked this house personally – pretty quirky, so of course I did – but the yard looked like it floods regularly and the view is across an inlet to more houses rather than anything special like the NYC skyline. But what happened was this: It was originally priced at $2.897 million in July, 2010 and stubbornly stuck in that range for 550 days, when on January 5th, 2012, its price was dropped to $1.995. That precipitous cut created at least the impression of a bargain and generated an accepted offer in just four days. That’s a pretty good tactic, but it would probably have worked just as well thirty or forty days in – no need to wait this long to sell a house.


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Good thing transport to Australia’s no longer an option

Irishman banned from all UK pubs for a year after being found drunk in Windsor Castle. On second thought, he’d probably prefer the sea trip.


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Idiot feel-goodism in the school board

Make believe solar energy, very real costs.

A new solar energy system will be unveiled at Greenwich High School Tuesday morning.

The 7.7-kilowatt solar system was installed at GHS in November 2011 … The system was funded by Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority’s Clean Energy Communities Program, in recognition of Greenwich’s efforts to become a Clean Energy Community.

Since joining the Clean Energy Communities Program in 2010, Greenwich is among the top 20 municipalities promoting clean energy. The town has encouraged hundreds of residents and businesses to sign up for the Connecticut Clean Energy Options program, which buys electricity generated from renewable energy sources, such as wind and water.

The town has also installed more than 35 clean energy systems, including a $900,000 photovoltaic system at Glenville

So, how much space will this 7.7 KW system heat and cool? If GHS had a dog as a mascot, he’d be doing just great. Here’s a bit from Australia whose residents probably use less energy than Americans:

An energy efficient Australian three bedroom home, with an average sized family and reasonable use of air conditioning, will usually have an average daily consumption of around 12kWh to 16kWh.

That Glenville project generates 97.5 Kw   so what’s that, six average Australian homes or one typical home in Greenwich? Whatever it is, it’s not much. The project is touted as offering a learning experience for children and if taught correctly, it would be: they’d learn, as their “teachers” can’t, that symbolic gestures accomplish nothing except to deplete the wallets of taxpayers.


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Genius at Grenwich High School

Not being sarcastic here. Two students are in the running for the Intel Prize.

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I blame Boris

Boris does Minsk

“Human error” led to computer crash

In a defensive posture after an equipment crash wiped out a mountain of data relied upon by entire Greenwich parks system, the town’s information technology department is now acknowledging that there was an element of human error involved in the incident, one that could trigger an audit of its internal operations.

The town lost an estimated 15,000 entries in a parks and recreation database that includes beach cards, golf course tee times and membership cards, mooring permits, youth sports rosters and field schedules.

Boris Hutorin, IT chief for Greenwich, says in his defense that there are lots of things to back up other parts of the system, like auxiliary power packs for the servers. I don’t find that the least bit reassuring, but Peter Tesei does: “This wasn’t done intentionally” he says, so everyone keeps his job. That’s a fairly low standard of accountability, I think. For instance, (almost) no one thinks Tesei is intentionally screwing up his duties, but does that mean he merits reelection?


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I blame Bush

We will build no windmill before it's time

NYT: U.S. Inches toward energy independence

But the drillers in Texas had important allies in Washington. President Bush grew up in Midland and spent 11 years as a West Texas oilman, albeit without much success, before entering politics. Vice President Dick Cheney had been chief executive of the oil field contractor Halliburton. The Bush administration worked from the start on finding ways to unlock the nation’s energy reserves and reverse decades of declining output, with Mr. Cheney leading a White House energy task force that met in secret with top oil executives.

“Ramping up production was a high priority,” said Gale Norton, a member of the task force and the secretary of the Interior at the time. “We hated being at the mercy of other countries, and we were determined to change that.”

The task force’s work helped produce the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which set rules that contributed to the current surge. It prohibited the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating fracking under the Safe Drinking Water Act, eliminating a potential impediment to wide use of the technique. The legislation also offered the industry billions of dollars in new tax breaks to help independent producers recoup some drilling costs even when a well came up dry.

Separately, the Interior Department was granted the power to issue drilling permits on millions of acres of federal lands without extensive environmental impact studies for individual projects, addressing industry complaints about the glacial pace of approvals. That new power has been used at least 8,400 times, mostly in Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico, representing a quarter of all permits issued on federal land in the last six federal fiscal years.

The Bush administration also opened large swaths of the Gulf of Mexico and the waters off Alaska to exploration, granting lease deals that required companies to pay only a tiny share of their profits to the government.

After years spent trying to reverse and thwart these policies our Windmill President has now embraced them and proclaimed himself the King of Fossil Fuels. The useful idiot swarm (see, eg, ” Dollar Bill”) turned in lockstep with the Obummer and now shout hosannas to the new global order. Aside from running their iPhones on dried algae, they have abandoned “renewable energy” as an impossible dream. It’s always sad to see childhood fantasies follow the Tooth Fairy into the disillusions closet, but life must go on.


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