Tax dollars at work

Lucky neighbors

NYC-funded group teaching breaking and entering skills to would-be squatters. As is always the case with these groups, they’re merely punishing those who have something to lose.

But squatting school outraged legal residents of Arlington Village.

“I can’t let nobody squat where I live,” said Pete Rolon, 64, a 35-year  resident who claimed pimps had grabbed two apartments in the complex. “There  were hookers. They were smoking crack. There were condoms all over the floor.  There were hundreds of them.”

He remembers when the complex of 12 two-story, red-brick buildings was filled  with families and children playing.

Police and residents eventually forced the sex-trade squatters out last fall,  according to Rolon.

Mohammed Hossain, the super at Arlington, where pads go for $600 to $1,000  per month, said complaints about homeless people breaking in to steal pipes and  metal fixtures are common.

“The homeless people, they have no right to be squatting here,” he said. “If  they pay rent, that’s different.”

Residents also aren’t happy about city tax money going to a group that  preaches squatting.

“That’s not right,” said one longtime resident. “That these guys are teaching  classes on this — that’s ridiculous.”

Dollar Bill could not be reached for comment, as he was in class.

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    “Dollar Bill could not be reached for comment, as he was in class.”

    Likely as the teacher.