Obummer to Russkies: I’ll sell out my country, but only after I’m re-elected

After the bombs fall, come live with us

Can’t shut down missiles now but come November …

“Tell Vladimir” says the community organizer.

UPDATE: More here.

Obama won’t share these plans with the American people. However, he’ll share them with the Russians, and ask for their help in influencing the election.  That should tell American voters all they need to know about this President.


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4 responses to “Obummer to Russkies: I’ll sell out my country, but only after I’m re-elected

  1. Look on the bright side


  2. FlyAngler

    Those two lines should become a campaign ad put up by someone in the ABO camp:

    “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

    “MORE FLEXIBILITY”? FOR WHAT?! The mind reels when considering all the implications of “more flexibility” for an Administration worried about neither re-election nor Congressional approval of their diktats.

    At some point Obama is going to say the same thing to the Far Left in order to secure their votes in November. He is going to say “trust me” that he will do all they want when re-election is no longer a concern. Dollar Bill and others like him will sign up for another round of Hoping for Change and this time they will likely be far more satisfied four years hence.

    From Obama’s perspective, depending on what the SCotUS does with Obamacare, he may have to set his Progressive legacy in his second term. Also, he is likely to lose several of his current cabinet members after a re-election and I shudder to think who could be their replacements. Could we do “worse” than Geithner, Holder, etc.?

    And then there is the ongoing issue of judgeships, possibly even one or two slots on the SCotUS. Thus, to the extent we think things have been bad thus far, we aint seen nuthin yet.

    I know I am mostly preaching some members of my choir on this but more than a few readers here have suggested that they would rather stay home than vote for Romney, should he prevail. Thus, to the extent that you or anyone you know has difficulty voting for “Mittens”, consider the implications of a second Obama term as a single decision point, a binary: More Obama vs No-more Obama. IMLTHO, Anyone But Obama makes the decision much easier.

    Of course, this all presumes that we have elections come November and that a nation-wide state of martial law does not cancel elections for “safety’s sake” (Fly types as he adjusts his too-tight tin-foil beanie).

  3. CatoRenasci

    Our very own Manchurian President….

  4. FlyAngler

    CR – Try “obama manchurian candidate” in Google and find 797,000 hits. Are there that many crazies out there or is there something to ponder here?