Something’s fishy here

Delicious in tacos

Shutting down California’s agriculture to save the smelt. I haven’t been a huge fan of letting illegal aliens vote but if the tens of thousands of Mexicans who are being thrown out of work could vote, politicians would probably revisit the entire Endangered Species Act, which is merely a tool used by “environmentalists” to shut down the economy (even solar power plants, oddly enough).


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4 responses to “Something’s fishy here

  1. AJ

    Since when did smelt, aka whitebait, ever become endangered. Better tell the supermarkets to stop selling them. Oh no, what am I going to use for bait the next time I go fishing for snappers?

  2. Anonymous

    riparian rights issues in calif. make greenwich p&z nightmares seem like child’s play.

  3. Chimney

    The whole thing smelt funny to me!

  4. Anonymous

    AJ, these are very special Delta Smelt, you see.

    Take the wiki page with 10 grains of salt, it’s obviously patrolled by smelt defenders as any attempts to update the job losses and economic devastation, not to mention the many acres of dead orchards, are routinely deleted.