Take away her street walker’s license, for Crissake

Old lady sues Apple for a million bucks when she walks into their glass door.


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4 responses to “Take away her street walker’s license, for Crissake

  1. Fred2

    I’ve done that once or twice when distracted. I’d be too embarrassed to sue over it.

    I mean there I am discreetly ogling some PYT and: THUNG into the door, she, and everyone else, turns to look at the cretin, I crawl off into underbrush to hope everyone forgets me.

  2. AJ

    Maybe as part of a settlement, the court could order her to wear glasses or use a blind persons cane. Curious as to how someone could walk out through a door without thinking there was a door, though many mall stores just have wide open entrances. Obviously she’s looking for more than just damages. I say if the store is a stand-alone with an entrance to the outdoors she loses; if it’s a mall store she wins. Here’s another scam, I’m surprised we haven’t heard about sooner, and a good reason you’ll probably not see gold being used as currency anytime soon: Tungsten-Filled 1 Kilo Gold Bar Found In The UK.

  3. anon

    gee, i could use some extra cash. i might take off my glasses and do a little glass-bumping myself. hey, you never know. better odds of getting a mill out of apple than winning the $390 mega millions.

    • Talk to Fudrucker, our Lottery Commish – I’m not saying he’d swing things your way – of course not, that would be wrong, but if approached in the right way ….