Democrats kill teacher tenure reform

“Delay” it for a non-election year but a bill hammered out by the teacher’s union and their Democrat flunkies isn’t about just delay, it’s about sending the proposal to oblivion. But don’t despair, they did manage to cut funding for charter schools.

“We had two members of the legislature, Democratic co-chairmen, in closed-door meetings with lobbyists and special interest groups,” McKinney said. He said they “locked out their own members, locked out Republicans completely from the process.”

“It would appear that on every major issue, whether teacher evaluation, certification, … charter schools, the dismissal process for a teacher… All of the most significant issues have been dramatically changed in this bill,” McKinney said.


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13 responses to “Democrats kill teacher tenure reform

  1. Anonymous

    Fudrucker’s cohorts screwing children. Again.

    Former Hartford resident Mark Twain:
    “The problem with voting is government always gets elected.”

  2. It was for the children.

  3. Simply ignorant

    With all the un- and under-employed lawyers, I’d think it would be easy/cheap to get your guys elected and lobby them to cancel all these giveaway gov’t programs. Or dont Greenwich rich people get their hands dirty, like the teachers’ union lawyers do?

  4. Cos Cobber

    What an absolute disgrace. Donovon and friends in the legislature are owned by the government employee unions.

    Now, will Dan show some gumption and fight back? I sure hope so. There is no way a republican will ever have the opportunity to pass similar legislation in this state (based on current election trends). This is bitter medicine and the only one who could possibly administer such medicine is a maverick democratic govenor becuase it puts the Dems at odds which each other.

    This is defining moment for Dan and our only hope at real change.

  5. Inagua

    Greg – Isn’t that what Janet Reno said when she sent the tanks into Waco?

  6. AJ

    Screw the children. Why educate them when you can terrorize them instead: Kids All Over America Are Being Put On Buses And Sent To Alternate Locations During School Terror Drills:
    And if they get scared and want to confide in a friend? Well screw that too: Schools ban children making best friends:

  7. Cos Cobber

    I double dog dare FF to issue a statement on Malloy’s proposed tenure reform.

  8. Anon21

    The public union parasites are devouring the host. Rome is burning.

  9. Yes, Inagua, yes she did. They were in the best of hands.

  10. Georgie

    Same ol, same ol….

    I guess most Democrats, like Blumenthal, have their kids in private school so they don’t really care for reform for the rest….

  11. FF

    I supported the Governor’s tenure reform, even though my teacher sister opposes it for some very good reasons. Devil’s in the details, teachers should have some strong protections from educational whims (No Child Left Behind, anyone?), and they shouldn’t be battered by the small minded who would rather gut their pensions and drive the good ones out of the profession than “gasp” raise taxes a nickel

  12. Cos Cobber

    Glad to see you are on board with the right choice on tenue reform FF.