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Thos. Moser comes to Greenwich

I loved this man’s simple furniture back in 1981 when I lived in Maine. Couldn’t afford it then (or now, for that matter) but always enjoyed looking at it. Now there’s a showroom in town – is that the old Dorothy’s, across from the Y? – and I suppose I’ll stop by, though his designs look more complicated now.


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At one point, 309 Taconic was its equal in price.


Seasonal water glimpses

1000-year-old Castle on the Rhine for $22 million. Looks like a house, not a castle but it’s probably as uncomfortable as a castle, so there’s that. Plus, I notice there’s no mention of how large an estate it sits on which to me, assuming German brokers are as duplicitous as Americans (and this is a Sotheby’s listing, after all) means that all the land it must have once commanded was sold off during those thousand years.

I know nothing about German real estate values but the Taconic Road property here in Greenwich has abandoned its $23 million price tag and is now offering to pay you to take it away – perhaps the same fate awaits in Deutschland.


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Desperate for something, anything to do in Washington, Senator Blumenthal comes up with a solution

A senate hearing into rough tactics in the NFL. “It’s perfect” the Viet Nam vet the Viet Nam era paper pusher, the  Harvard Varsity intramural swimmer said. “Television cameras, face time on the evening news and what the hell, there’s nothing important that needs our attention now anyway.”


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Because today’s teachers’ and students’ knowledge of history doesn’t extend beyond Snookie

OMG! He's got a gun!

Civil War reenactor throws schools in lock – down panic alert.

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Accepted Offer

19 Thunder Mountain Road

This is the house I mentioned earlier today that we were trying to rent, 19 Thunder Mountain Road. Nice house for a rental, I thought the Merritt noise was a bit much (the don’t call it “Thunder Mountain” for nothing) but everyone has a different ear. Owner paid $3.8 for it in 2006 and he probably wishes he hadn’t because its last asking price, after first trying to get $3.875 in 2010, was $3.350.


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From Wall Street, with love

One of my buddies sent this along.


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Dollar Bill, your marching orders have arrived

Pravda endorses Obama

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Black jackals go after Hispanic shooter

Frederick Wilson, racist vigilante

Sadly, the jackals are elected representatives of the United States.

“Trayvon was hunted down like a dog”

Meanwhile, there’s this news from a few days ago: Chicago weekend shootings: 10 dead, at least 40 wounded. Jesse and Al and our president are no doubt winging their way to the Windy City as I write.


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But it’d be a good start

D.C. nuclear blast wouldn’t destroy city.

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Odd, but often the case

I’ve been negotiating a rental for a client for a large house in one of our fringe areas, a house that’s been for sale for five years since it was built and has been rented out for most of that period because no one wanted to buy it. Yesterday, just as I thought we were about done on the rental, the owner received and accepted an offer to buy. It’s a funny phenomenon in real estate – a house can sit unwanted and unloved (and in this case, even during the boom period) and just when someone does express interest, another buyer appears. Happens all the time – go figure.


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The big money is stirring

74 Upper Cross Road, asking $15 million since just last September, has an accepted offer. Purchased for $10 million in 2000, up for sale at $13.650 in 2009, unsuccessfully, it was “renovated” in 2011 and put back on the market at $15. That usually doesn’t work but this time it did. We’ll see what the final selling price is.

Notwithstanding those renovations, this seemed more of a 17-acre land sale to me.


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Is AT&T down?

My iPhone dropped dead yesterday, then resumed after a few hours. Now it’s dead again (yes, my bill’s paid). AT&T or the phone? Anyone else in town experiencing this joy?


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I think he overpaid, unless he wants to live out there

Taj Mahal North

Someone has bought 209 Bedford Road after its foreclosure and paid $1.3 million for the privilege. The property, with its run-down house, sold for $1.525 million in 1998 and tried for a laughable $3.495 in 2007 so it might have seemed like a bargain now, but I’m not sure that four acres of marginal land on the New York border is worth much more than a warm bucket of spit. But hey, that’s what makes a horse race.


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Oh, Please. Greenwich High School installs totally worthless solar thingamajig

Someone's being stupid here but I'm not sure it's me

No, we certainly won’t use this to teach our students the futility of using rinky-dink solar projects to solve the problem of global warming alarmists,” said school custodian and GHS spokesman Michael Moore, “but they will have mandatory classes up here on the roof so they can observe adults act like idiots.”

“It’s a good thing for the community,” said Alfano, whose two children attend Greenwich High School.

The system produces enough electricity to power a small home for a year, which is a very small percentage of the 2.2 million megawatts the high school uses annually. Alfano said the use of renewable energy is still good for the environment, and is the equivalent of planting 500 trees and recycling 150,000 soda cans.

To put this “equivalent of recycling 150,000 soda cans” into perspective, there were 99 billion aluminum cans produced in the United States in 2005.

UPDATE: There’s this photo of the grand ribbon cutting ceremony: “The Power to Make a Difference”? Uh huh. By the way, and to (partially) answer Fly Angler’s question, the solar panels appear to be made by SolarPower, a formerly American company that was saved by and now owned by Total, France’s oil company.

GHS Follies


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Would that the same percentage applied to its membership

Adopt or die

PETA kills 95% of the dogs and cats entrusted to its care. 27,000 and counting to date, 1,911 killed last year vs. 24 pets adopted. PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk says “a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy” (a quote proudly posted on PETA’s own website). Now that we know how PETA treats dogs, the future of boys in Ms. Newkirk’s ideal world looks dim.


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Would you give $100,000 to the guy down the street who wants to build a paintball arena? You just did.

And to a gym, and to a solar energy factory and to anyone with political connections. These “gifts” of yours weren’t even needed, not that that would provide a moral basis for taking money from your pocket and giving it to a politician’s friend. At least one of the business grant recipients has, it’s claimed, already lined up $1.5 million in private financing, so why this icing on the cake?

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Florida shooter was retarded

Sad, but true. George Zimmerman is a registered Democrat. I’d been wondering why we weren’t hearing about how this was all the Tea Party’s fault.


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