Accepted Offer

19 Thunder Mountain Road

This is the house I mentioned earlier today that we were trying to rent, 19 Thunder Mountain Road. Nice house for a rental, I thought the Merritt noise was a bit much (the don’t call it “Thunder Mountain” for nothing) but everyone has a different ear. Owner paid $3.8 for it in 2006 and he probably wishes he hadn’t because its last asking price, after first trying to get $3.875 in 2010, was $3.350.


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13 responses to “Accepted Offer

  1. Row Your Boat

    Fringe area and Glenville to boot.

  2. Anon

    Probably went for $3 million.

  3. Anon

    Chris, is it true that 35 Winding sold for $1.6?

  4. Row Your Boat

    teardown..nothin else

  5. Glenville4life

    A bit typical for my tastes, but the house is in good company on Thunder Mountain. The betting man that I am says this went for 2.8.

  6. Real Estate Junkie

    Bad location. Back yard is the Merritt. No thanks.

  7. Anonymous

    Would be interesting to know the percentage of readers of your blog that could actually afford the houses they criticize. 10%? 5%? None? Probably none.

  8. anon

    me thinks anonymous @6:49 is new here. pretty shi**y remark. i will further deduce he/she owns the thunder mountain abode.

  9. Anonymous

    I suspect anon 6:49 is off, it is probably 30-40%, but at least Chris is usually funny when he writes about Cos Cob and Glenville fringe, many of the posters sound mean spirited or worse.

  10. Row Your Boat

    most of the bloggers here are brokers who are pushing their own agenda. Yup.

  11. Anonymous

    @anon 7:16p. I noticed that Chris picked up a new “fan” a few days back, perhaps as much as a week ago? I doubt that he/she is the owner of Thunder Mountain unless they also own other property that they took exception to Chris writing about. From the petty swipes anonymous@6:49 has been taking, I suspect they are a disgruntled “peer”. I suspect it would be highly entertaining to get a look at Chris’ IP address log for this site.

  12. Anonymous

    This house on Thunder Mountain has star power – it was the home of ball player Carlos Delgado! He can afford the hit!