An accepted offer on Summit Road in Riverside

72 Summit

72 Summit, priced at $2.095 million. This one is no surprise at all, comparing it to other houses in the price range (although I did think that Lake Drive South house asking $1.895 offered a better location and almost – not quite, but almost – as much house. I wonder if these buyers lost out on Lake or just came later to the Riverside circus? The owners really did a fine job of renovation.


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3 responses to “An accepted offer on Summit Road in Riverside

  1. Row Your Boat

    Riverside is en fuego.

  2. Riverside Chick

    What do you think of the 2 new houses side by side on Marks Rd? One just had an open house yesterday.

    • I think they’re jammed too close together and aren’t worth $4 million, but I’m not buying Riverside these days, you guys are. You want one, be sure to call.