Nothing, absolutely nothing gets by the E. Hartford Police

Dead sheep found next to burned candles and other accoutrements of some wacko sacrificial religion (I’d start with the Haitians and move on to the Democrat Underground).

There was blood on the ground near the candles, said Lt. Rick Soto of the East Hartford Police.

Police suspect the sheep had been killed, he said. It was removed from the water and disposed of.

Police are investigating

Dead things drenched in blood often suggest that conclusion.


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2 responses to “Nothing, absolutely nothing gets by the E. Hartford Police

  1. Just today, listening to TV reporters make an endless stream of asinine remarks, and now this from the Hartford Courant, I thought, there needs to be a blog/website called Incredible Crap. Darn. Someone already owns the name. So let’s make it That IS available at GoDaddy for $9.99 year. “The Sheep Was Killed” could be the lead entry! Very funny story.

  2. Anonymous

    Could Walt have mistaken a sheep for Stephanie Seymour?