One bear helping another

Waiting for Tesei

69-year-old nude hiker attacked by a mountain lion, saved by a mama bear. Happened in California (all) naturally.


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6 responses to “One bear helping another

  1. Greenwich Gal

    This is somewhat preposterous…playing patty cake with a momma bear? I think not…

  2. Greenwich Gal

    And where did you get that he was NUDE? There is nothing in the story that implies that? Do you mean “naturist?” That does not mean NUDE, CF! It means “one who appreciates nature.” I hope you are not misreading all the news that you post! Dear me…

  3. AJ

    GG, I think you’re confusing naturist with naturalist — understandable, since both may involve birdwatching.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Really – a naturist is a nudist? Why not just say nudist? He is obviously troubled – stark naked and playing with bears?