So what was there out there to see on Broker Open House Day?

Well, I trekked over to Martindale, mostly because of brother Gideon’s (false) promise of food. Saw a decent, if sideways piece of land and a beautiful house. Unfortunately, they were on two separate lots. And just as a by-the-bye, what’s with aluminum gutters on a $4.5 million house?

19 Boulder Brook

I was surprised by 19 Boulder Brook, asking $3.295. I walked in, saw a rather dated kitchen, thought ho-hum, and then went up a side stair and found a neat guest suite – sitting room, artists studio, bedroom and bath. Continuing, there are more children’s bedrooms with two baths on the opposite side of the hallway – hey, that’s how houses were built back in the ’60s so get over it – it’s a perfectly workable, livable arrangement. Nicely updated master bedroom.

Back to that “dated” kitchen, it has a bumped-out section to make it an eat-in, and off that are a number of family, dining and whatever rooms. The total effect was that of a charming house with character and one that would be a great place to raise a family.

The house itself has new double-pane windows, a slate roof, beautiful pool and patio and a nice lawn. I hadn’t expected any 60’s house, even renovated, to be this good but to my taste, it’s a fine one.

17 Shore Road

I also liked 17 Shore Road, asking $1.799 million. It’s small, but the owners, with the help of a good architect have made good use of what space there is. The tiny back yard backs up to Innis Arden’s golf course so it feels absolutely huge. New kitchen with large room off it, updated baths and an incredible-looking German (? Looks German) high-efficiency furnace – hey, guys notice these things or should, given the cost of fuel today. Good house.

Neither of these houses may be for you – Gideon pointed out this morning that real estate agents are like movie critics who see eight movies a day, most of which are stale varieties of the same three or four plot lines that have been around since our grandfather was vamping with Greta Garbo. When something totally different comes along the critics love it just for the relief from boredom it supplies. “Hairspray”, Gideon posited, is such an example.

Same thing with us agents. Since a spec builder wants to sell his house, he designs it to be as least-objectionable to as many people as possible, with the result that after seeing a few hundred of them we can tour them blindfolded and tell you exactly what’s in the house and where it’s located. So houses like these two whose owners have adapted the house to their needs and tastes over the years they’ve lived there, are far more interesting than when they were first built. But interesting to me may not be at all what you’re looking for, so be forewarned.


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8 responses to “So what was there out there to see on Broker Open House Day?

  1. Just looking

    I often love older houses that have taken on the shapes and quirks growing out of particular people and their taste. Except for all the exceptions, of course!

    The link for the 2d house doesn’t seem to work. And how come the listing for the 1st house only has 2 pictures, none of the interior?

    • The link to the second house should lead you back to that of the first house but if you look for an arrow or something in the top right hand corner, you should shift over to the second. Only two pictures of Boulder Brook because that’s all that’s up there. It’s a new listing and doubtless the listing agent Charles Magyar was scared of incurring EOS’s wrath and ridicule were he to post some of his own attempts while awaiting the professional. Charles is a big, tough-looking guy, so it tells you a lot about EOS that he’d be so scared of her.

  2. Just looking

    Now that’s what I call a quick response!

  3. ADORE the 17 Shore Road house. Absolute perfection. Kudos to the sellers for stellar taste. I could move right in.

  4. Cos Cobber

    I agree EOS, excellent taste at 17 Shore.

    Btw, I really enjoyed your South American tour via your blog. I didnt take the time to comment, but I was steady lurker.

  5. Anonymous

    Like EOS is going to move from the wilds of Bedford to the border of Waterside? Sure.

  6. Anonymous

    i am sure 17 shore is a nice house, but what a crazy price. seems 17 shore road is priced as if it were in middle of riverside or on a real “south of the village” street, not in waterside!