Tom Krugman says that we can have a medical care system every bit as good as England’s if we just try hard enough – no thanks

I see nothing the matter, praise Allah!

Woman dies as Muslim nurse finishes his prayers. Actually, although the news article focuses on a lying, callous Muslim head nurse, the entire description of nursing home care as provided by this institution is pretty damn depressing – the old lady never had a prayer.

(h/T, Richard)


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14 responses to “Tom Krugman says that we can have a medical care system every bit as good as England’s if we just try hard enough – no thanks

  1. They’ll never find me in Westchester, Chris. It’s all unmarked dirt roads up here and strangers have a habit of disappearing somehow.

  2. g2-ab6286de3550d2709623262054a08c75

    Far enough from town that they will never hear the screams?

  3. Out Looking In

    I believe you are referring to Noble Prize winning economist Paul Krugman…the Keynesian nut case that believes money printing cures all evils…check out the latest from Dave McWilliams

  4. Anonymous2

    Interesting as a recent story in the UK press said elderly cancer sufferers are being ignored and denied the latest treatments by the NHS and, compared to the US, have a far higher death rate as a result. Sounds like Obummerkare.

  5. pulled up in OG

    Isn’t it 100% on both sides of the pond?

  6. Dollar Bill

    Out Looking In: what are you worried about? Sure, we’ve had a bi increase in the money supply. So what? Because we’re still in a semi state of recession, we haven’t experienced any inflation, beyond the minimal rates (1.5-2%) we’re now facing. Inflation is the least of our worries right now. We should be focusing on real problems, like unemployment and infrastructure spending, and not chasing phantom menaces.

  7. Dollar Bill

    Hmmm. Let me see: we could figure out ways to help the unemployed, or we could give more free money to rich banksters. I know what the Teabaggers want to do! They’re pretty up front and proud of their desire to mug everyone in the non-millionaire club. steal all their money, and give it to rich people. Isn’t that the Ayn Rand formula? Aren’t you Teabaggers on board with this? Yes, I believe you are.

    • I realize that Atlas Shrugged doesn’t come in comic book form, DB, but even you should know that taking from anyone and giving it to someone else, rich or poor, is the exact antithesis of Rand’s philosophy. So she wouldn’t have supported your grand schemes to take money from middle class taxpayers and give it to rich friends of the president who want to play at solar energy, just as a for instance. When Rand referred to “looters”, she was speaking of all who steal from others.

  8. Dollar Bill

    Rich banksters have been stealing hand over fist from our treasury in the form of bailouts and loan guarantees to the tune of billions. What in the name of John Galt is capitalist about that? Why should tax cuts be extended to these folks when they ate the biggest job destroyers on the face of the earth? I vote for more stimulus spending for the middle class, not more foolish tax cuts for the 1% (who got us into thus mess.). What’s so hard to understand about that? Wait, I know why: because the Teabaggers are useful idiots of the
    Koch brothers!

  9. Out Looking In

    Dollar Bill- You must have received your PhD in economics from Princeton like many of the other serial money printers. No inflation? Everywhere else we define inflation as a serial increase in prices (period!) You must be all lathered up because much of the current inflation is in asset prices, certainly helping your favorite folks the banksters and the 0.1%ers…A funny thing happened on the way to unlimited riches for my receptionist in Miami that owned a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio back in the day- financed by easy money courtesy of your friendly lending agency. You might remember. If you and the Bernank don’t see history rhyming away right now, you might as well just stay in your caves. $8 TRILLION in new high powered money created over the past three years to support ZERO growth and capital formation will find its lovely way into BAD INFLATION. But hey, according to the folks on the site, you really enjoy the kool-aid. So just don’t sell your entire hoard of gold too soon- the 99% will need all your help.