Two Cos Cob Surprises

138 Cat Rock

138 Cat Rock, asking $3.750 million, has an accepted offer. I loved this house and said so but I wondered at the effect of the house next door selling via short sale for $2.3 million just last May. Apparently the answer is “nothing”, which is good news for my clients, who bought that house next door.


40 N. Stone Bridge

And 40 North Stone Bridge (listing is attached to Cat Rock’s) has a contract after just a few days exposure, presumably very close to its asking price of $2.6 million. The Stone Bridge area hasn’t seen that level of pricing in years and I wonder whether the market has recovered that much or someone just really liked this house.


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23 responses to “Two Cos Cob Surprises

  1. Stanwich

    This is Cos Cob’s way of saying F U to Chris Fountain.

  2. The New Normal

    if the buyers paid anywhere near asking for both houses they dramatically overpaid….

    • Well, given the short time each house was on the market I assume they did pay close to market price. I can understand Cat Rock, sort of – it’s a beautiful house, in its own quirky way but as my own client, who saw it and liked it as much as I did, said, “who’se going to buy it after me?”. Turns out, there was inded a buyer out there.
      Old Stone Bridge’s price does not appear to be supported by recent sales but ….

  3. jeremy jones

    Let’s see what the price was. If I remember right, I put a wager out to a bunch of naysayers (pessimism for pessimism’s sake is cloaked stupidity) that this would trade at $3.5mm+ and go reasonably quickly. There is an absolute dearth of well-constructed, well-furnished houses. This is a lesson that people will pay if money has been put into a house . . . (and I am sure this goes at any price range, $5mm.

  4. Cos cobber

    Wow. Both represent great architecture…..good for them. Let’s see where the actual prices clock in.

    Stanwich is right CF…..Cos Cob wins despite your best efforts…. 🙂

  5. The New Normal

    there is a pretty big dichotomy between the two cos cob sales and 42 stag ln liquidation….

  6. New in Town

    Both houses look beautiful to me, but I am confused. They both say North Street school. Would they be North Street or Cos Cob elementary?

    • No, up there it would be North Street – school districts are funny things and are drafted with an eye toward student popuations rather than a specific named area of town. And of course, sometimes the districts are assigned so that students can attend with their peers – NoPo students in Riverside, for instance, attend Cos Cob elementary.

  7. greenwich dude

    the cat rock sale is really no surprise

    as JJ notes above, there aren’t that many houses in greenwich that are stunningly beautiful and ready to go. that’s one of them, and i bet the new owner is thrilled.

  8. Cos Cobber

    yeah dude, but it bears a cos cob zip code, its east of stanwich road (how many in the back country/golden triangle have ever ventured east of stanwich road unless its on a plane to nantucket) and i thought cos cob isnt ‘clubable.’

    not that i agree, just reciting some of what others have said.

    • Not Clubable? Is there no Old Greenwich Yacht Club? No Mianus River Boat Club? Gifford Harris Golf Club? Don’t make your poor neighbors think they’re restricted to just the Mianus River park!

  9. Anonymous

    To say that recent sales do not support that price in OSB is an understatement. And I *really* like OSB so good for the owners there.

  10. Cos Cobber

    Wow CF, Are you following me around in my high society circles? I’m a member of many of those and more!! Got a beach card, tennis card, library card and pizza post discount card in the old wallet too.

  11. The New Normal

    “and i thought cos cob isnt ‘clubable.’ ”

    this is correct

  12. anonymous

    RE: Clubs

    Is there anything more tedious than hanging out with the same old douche bags and their social climbing wives every weekend? This must be what hell is like.

  13. Cat Rock Kid

    This is the first I heard about cos cob not being clubable….. Is there a real bias?

    We saw 138. Stunning. Am not surprised it went. Good call, Jeremy.

  14. The New Normal

    anonymous 6:45pm,
    you obviously don’t belong to a club, which is why your generalization is pretty far off

    the more exclusive clubs (the top 3) will care – the rest will not….

  15. anonymous

    The new normal,

    I have dropped my memberships at more clubs than you could imagine (or probably get into to) and I do not miss them a bit. You sound like the typical pompous a-hole that frequents many of these clubs and I relish the fact that i will never need to make small talk with you or listen to your shallow boasting. You hang around those places long enough and you will get with the program too and decide life is too short to waste it that way. It’s either that or you will remain a horse’s ass.

  16. Anonymous

    What are the top 3 clubs?

    • Mianus Boat Club, Old Greenwich Yacht Club, Rocky Point and the No Girlz Allowed Club. With the exception of the last, whose membership is limited to Gideon and me, these are free of much of the muck that masquerades as an association of friends. But if you want “exclusive”, you have Round Hill, Greenwich Country and … and? I suppose the Belle Haven Club.

  17. The only thing that matters is....

    round hill, stanwich, greenwich

  18. anonymous

    The only thing that matters is…………………..

    Golf is for pussies!