Well I didn’t mean WE couldn’t, jackass

Obummer, 2009: You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas on the taxpayers’ dime”.

Today: Michelle and the girls landing in Las Vegas on a family trip.

The contempt these nouveau rich hillbillies have for the American public exceeds all bounds. That older girl of theirs was just in Mexico for the past two weeks and now they’re off on another spree? Does she actually attend that private school of hers or does a guaranteed graduation come with the fee?

Hawaii for Christmas, Aspen for Winter Vacation, Mexico for Spring Break and now Vegas. All at a time when the Great Divider is calling for “shared sacrifice”. Uh huh.


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12 responses to “Well I didn’t mean WE couldn’t, jackass

  1. Peg

    I’m simply hoping that the Obamas continue to dig their political graves this well up until election day. (And haters, please note. I wish no harm to the Obamas. I just want our president to retire from his current position!)

  2. Green Mtn Punter

    The Jeffersons tune begins to go through my head. “We’re movin’ on up, to the East Side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky”….. substitute “White House”….then again it is an insult to put George Jefferson in the same group of spongers as the Obamas. George was an entrepreneur and actually earned his way to luxury.

  3. Green Mtn Punter

    Oh, and George Jefferson was notoriously frugal as I recall while the Obummers are just plain spendthrifts on the taxpayers dime.

  4. Cobra

    Hopefully, Mouchelle will gamble away Obozo’s presidency. Steve Wynn would be a better leader than the White House’s current resident.

  5. Dollar Bill

    So I see Darell Issa (R-CA) has come up bupkis after 6 months of flogging the Solyandra “scandal.” So sad to see another ginned up Teabagger pseudo scandal come a cropper! What will Drudge say?

  6. DollarBill

    Said Issa “Is there a criminal activity? Perhaps not. Is there a political influence and connections? Perhaps not. Did they bend the rules for an agenda, an agenda not covered within the statute? Absolutely.”

    Wow! Hold the presses!!! They “bent the rules.” Translation: The Obama administration really wanted the domestic solar industry to succeed, so they might have given Solyndra slightly more support than it deserved. That’s the big scandal. Yeesh. Is that the best you Teabaggers can do? That’s not going to help elect your boy Romney…

  7. gonzo

    Obama recently did a fundraiser in LA. They raised $3m but the total cost to the taxpayer $17m to get him there and back. I’d imagine a republican would do the same so how about some change to the 2 year campaigning season and make it 6 months max. Imagine all the $ that is wasted in this circus election

  8. Shoeless


    Obfuscation suits you. When you don’t like the subject, change the narrative. For example, I tea bagged your mother last week. There. Narrative changed.

  9. Anonymous

    Whew, good thing she managed a couple of official engagements in her itinerary or the O’s might have had to reimburse the taxpayers for the trip.

  10. g2-ab6286de3550d2709623262054a08c75

    CF: Would it be possible to issue an alert if and when $Bill posts something on-topic?

  11. Cobra

    Apparently, SphincterBill has ingested his whoopee cushion once again.