A sale, a price cut and a new listing

243 Hamilton Avenue, a condo, sold for $700,000. It sold in 2007 for $775,000, so I think the seller did well, assuming he got five years of shelter out of the deal.

87 Perkins

87 Perkins Road has cut its price from $3.3 million to an even $3 million. I really like this house and thought it well priced back at $3.3. Obviously, the market disagrees. Comparable sales on Perkins support $3 million (and presumably there’s some negotiating room still left) and unlike many lots on the street, this one is high and dry with a very usable, attractive yard. The house itself is in excellent condition, everything up-to-date and to me, it felt like a family friendly, nice place to live. Right down the street from Burning Tree, too.If this is your price range and you want mid-country, I’d check it out.

1 Stillview Drive off Weaver Street in Glenville is a new listing asking $1.390 million. I haven’t seen it but the interior photos look beautiful. No pictures of the land, which makes me suspect that this one, like so many houses in that neighborhood, sits on a cliff. Pretty cool-looking inside, though, and the price definitely caught my eye.


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10 responses to “A sale, a price cut and a new listing

  1. Anonymous

    Quick question: it’s been a while since you grounded your audience in a property’s assessed value. Have you abandoned that as even a ballpark estimate of relative value? The Perkins house, for example, is assessed at $1.6, implying a market value of $2.3. Not saying that’s right, but is Town Hall so far off that it should just be ignored?

  2. Anonymous

    i visited the house, it is not worth 3 mm at all with such a location. I think it’s between 2.5-2.7. the lot is beautiful , but not flat at all.

  3. Anonymous

    why does the link on 243 hamilton go direct to my gmail?

  4. Anonymous

    thank you. whatever you did, it is fixed.

    i presume it was an issue with my own computer and you didn’t have a direct link to my gmail with an automatic login, as sordid as my emails might be?

  5. Anonymous

    Stillview appears to be an ode to knotty pine

  6. Anonymous

    stillview–that is a photoshop job and strategic avoidance photo shoot par excellence.

    take a drive by and look at it in person.

    try not to laugh too loud.