Accepted offers this week

As of 2:00 pm, with another two hours to go, we have had 17 accepted offers this week. I have no idea of the significance of the following, but here it is:

Price Range               Number              Area

$10 mm +                          3                    GR

$4-$10                                0

$3-$4                                  3                    RV (2), CC (1)

$2-$3                                  3                    RV (2), CC (1)

$1-$2                                  6                    GR (2), RV (2), CC (2)

<$1                                      1                     RV

UPDATE: Inventory, 550 Single Family          Increase (decrease) from 2006

$10+                                   44                                 38%

$5-$9,999                        113                                  49%

$3-$5                                107                                  14%

$2-$3                                  82                                 ( 7%)

$1-$2                                 118                                  24%

< $1                                     86                                  91%

UPDATE II: 2006 Inventory 442 SF (grabbed from Shore & Country’s website)

$10 +                                   32

$5-$10                                 76

$3-$5                                  96

$2-$3                                  88

$1-$2                                   95

<$1                                      48


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9 responses to “Accepted offers this week

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Well you can take Jakarta off the list of places I want to visit:
    Your Pal,

  2. The New Normal

    not a healthy mkt

    but I’m sure everyone will chime in about how it’s spring break week, holiday vacation leading up to Easter, blah blah blah

    this is The New Normal

  3. Go After the Real Fish

    which one is the under $1MM house?

  4. Raised in Riverside

    Any data on how long these homes were on the market before they had an A/O? Seems to me that Riverside & OG homes in decent condition are going Very Fast, especially anything under $2mil.

  5. Riverside Chick

    Another split level bites the dust in Riveride-35 Bramble demolished today.

  6. I slummed it today by coming into Greenwich and passed by a house on North Street between Joshua and Copper Beech. It was a new build, yellow, that sat and sat, near or maybe into default, abandoned. Today I noticed a ton of workmen, rebuilding stone walls and the whole facade getting a facelift. I wish I knew the number on North – maybe 450+/-. Anything you know about it? Curious.

    • Yeah, that’s 450. Went bust long ago, reverted to Patriot Bank, who else, and resold as part of an entire portfolio of bad loans to someone else, possibly Summit Development. They’re fixing it up but it must have been extraordinarily badly made – when I saw it a few months ago the trim was already rotting floors had been flooded by a burst pipe, and all in all, it looked like crap. I see they’re now replacing rotted siding. All this on a house that was built what, 3 years ago? Stupid, stupid stupid.

  7. Anon

    Chris, did you also notice the cracks in the foundation of 450 North?