Bidding war!

115 Pilgrim Drive, one of those streets that you access by driving into Port Chester and then doubling back, was listed (after a price reduction) at $430,000 and has been sold for $435,000. It looks like a decent house and what else is around for $435? Not much, obviously, hence the presence of at least two buyers.

Town assesses this at $387,240 which implies a market value of $542,000. Do you get the impression that lower-priced houses are getting screwed by our tax collector Tod Laudonia these days?



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6 responses to “Bidding war!

  1. George W. Crossman

    Lower priced homes have always paid a higher percentage of their value in property taxes. Town will not correct that disparity.

    • Although I’m a firm advocate for punishing the poor, this does seem a tad unfair, especially when that commie Dollar Bill is shacked up in his waterfront Belle Haven mansion paying nothing!!!

  2. pulled up in OG

    Generally, the higher you go, the further you get from 70%.
    Unwritten policy, if you ask me.

    Ted Gwartney was retiring Feb 1. Looks like it’s still vacant.

  3. Anonymous

    The driveway was terrible!! One of the worst I have ever seen! Picture does not show that. (Which of course was smart of the listing broker)

  4. InfoDiva

    You’ve heard me say this before–but backcountry Greenwich is getting screwed by our tax collector these days, and Riverside not paying its share. Let’s hope he’s paying attention.