I guess Dollar Bill and his friends from the Demmerkratic Underground have become converts

Despite the Democrat-controlled Media Matter’s huge push against him, Rush Limbaugh’s ratings are up 60%. I don’t listen to the show but if it’s good enough for Dollar Bill, maybe I’ll tune in.


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6 responses to “I guess Dollar Bill and his friends from the Demmerkratic Underground have become converts

  1. Tom1

    The idiots on the Left call for listener boycotts of a show that is listened to by, wait for it, folks on the Right. If Media Matters or any feminist organization is telling the world to stop listening to something, a loyal memboer of the VRWC like myself is going to listen more. Partly to see what all the hullaballoo is about and partly just to spite the Left. Given there are no Lefties listening to Rush because they want to (the Media Matters’ monitors HAVE to listen), there is little of Rush’s audience that is persuadable in a case like this.

    As for the advertisers, MM made big headlines suggesting that Rush low 80+ advertisers but that is a misleading number given the nature of radio advertising. Of his nationwide advertisers, Rush lose exactly two. One of them was Carbonite which seemed to forget just how much new business flow they derived from Rush’s audience. Carbonite received some subscriber cancellations from Rush listeners which only added to that company’s stock price volatility. There is a boomerang effect in these matters.

    Of the 80 others, these were mostly advertisers in specific local markets. Some of these companies were part of they ad blender that funnels ads into dead space in the programming slots on a relatively random basis. These companies asked the company that manages the rotations to remove them from consideration for the Limbaugh show eventhough their ads had never actually played on Limbaugh. Further, Limbaugh’s production company removed itself from one of these system’s rotations voluntarily until the dust settled.

    Much of that has been undone at this point.

    If MM wants to look for one “victory” it would be that Rush’s show was dropped from two radio stations somewhere. But clearly that is immaterial if he has seen a ratings spike.

    For those who think this is a right wing thing, consider a call from someone on the right to boycott Ben and Jerry’s for their support of Occupy Wall Street. I would be sympathetic for such a boycott but since I do not eat B&Js based on their long-time political views, there is nothing for me to boycott.

    Unlike boycotting companies and products that gets attention, boycotting of celebrities, performers and the like are really useless given the consumers of those folks offerings are likely by likeminded people. If someone calls for a boycott of Spike Lee movies (does he still make any?), there would be no way for me to participate in such a thing.

  2. Green Mtn Punter

    Rush will survive and prosper because he is the most incisive analyst in the business, agree with him or not. Rush says what others would like to say but are too threatened by the PC’s to say it. The one that gets me is Imus…how is he still on the air? The show is nothing but advertising with 2 or 3 minutes of occasional programming. They work advertising right into the program script. It is more than annoying. Imus makes a fool out of himself every day. And Fox Business thinks he will bring more market share?

  3. Balzac

    Rush is a fascinating phenomenon. When liberals call him a screamer, they prove they never listen to him. He is tolerant of all his callers.

    If he has one over-riding theme, it’s media bias. He cites “the drive-by media”, “regime-controlled media,” “main-stream media”. He has the biggest audience in radio. Isn’t it 30 million listeners at peak?

    The major media itself is busted and clueless, referring to “supposed left-wing bias”, “alleged democratic bias” etc. Meanwhile, for the largest audience in radio, media bias is the PRIMARY theme. Rush’s big audience proves that many obervers are convinced of media bias. It’s lovely – Rush and his many listeners have discovered that the emperor is naked! What fun!

  4. Hu Nhu?

    Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, Tyler Durden, Chris Fountain. Which doesn’t belong & why?

  5. FlyAngler

    Tyler Durdin since that is a fiction character whose name is used by upwards of six different contributors at ZeroHedge.