Of course you can sell your house – just price it right

53 Cross Lane

I missed this accepted offer earlier this week but I see that 53 Cross Lane (in Cos Cob!), priced at $1.195 million, went in just twelve days. And it should have. The owner is a friend of mine (mostly a friendship centered around hunting, alas, and not selling a small portion of his real estate portfolio) and I know the house to be in excellent condition. It’s on a quiet street and right across from Loughlin Park so $1.2 seems like a bargain. If a buyer showed up in less than two weeks, it was. Tom Gorin was listing broker.


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9 responses to “Of course you can sell your house – just price it right

  1. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    Hey Chris, I guess all these sales in Cos Cob are just reinforcing the fact that it’s is the place to be! And whatever happened to your great name change from CC to “Little Switzerland”??? I am waiting for the official proclamation from Tesei and then I can change my checks and return address labels.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Now you are treading in my neighborhood….and you didnt have anything mean to say….well, its hard to find something negative about the Loughlin Park area.

  3. Hey Chris,

    And it’s just a few feet from Sachem Road in “GREENWICH”

  4. Anonymous

    My clients didn’t like it- no back yard and practically touches the house next door. I agree the house was in good shape.

    • Well you do have all of that park across the street. For this price, I think it is a good buy. But heck, I’ve sold houses I hated but my clients loved and haven’t sold houses that I really liked but the clients didn’t. Tastes and needs will differ.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    Love that Tom Gorin. Where is he now?

  6. glowworm

    Yet, just right around the corner on Sachem Road (Greenwich by U.S. postal service, but Cos Cob in all but name) you glibly blasted this bungalow…..https://christopherfountain.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/so-tell-me-whos-nuts/

  7. Anonymous

    this house is so close to the neighbor if you farted they’d hand you a bottle of fabreze through the windows.