They aren’t just coming, they’re already here

All your iPhones are belong to us!

Security expert: Chinese have planted electronic sabotage bugs in all electronic devices sold in America. Which is almost everything we use. We already know that they’re selling compromised equipment to our military but this is a new development, to me.

Clarke, like  the rest of the world, knows China is sending compromised  electronics to the U.S. by the boatload, to be used in military vehicles  from submarines to fighter jets, and that many of them are poor quality,  counterfeit, and worthless, but he thinks they hold another secret.

He believes the Chinese, already known for their industrial espionage, and  electronic subterfuge, have built  “logic bombs,” “Trojan horses,” and  trapdoors into all manner of electronic components that could be activated at a  moments notice, sending a digital apocalypse to the U.S. military with a few simple keystrokes.



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7 responses to “They aren’t just coming, they’re already here

  1. AJ

    New marching orders from PC commie friends: War On Words: NYC Dept. Of Education Wants 50 ‘Forbidden’ Words Banned From Standardized Tests
    ‘Dinosaur,’ ‘Birthday,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Poverty,’ ‘Divorce’ Among Those Suggested

  2. Anonymous

    This is part of the little known Chinese military strategy doctrine called “Unrestricted Warfare Plan”. That plan was formulated after by the Chinese after the first Gulf War. The Chinese saw that they could not match America’s military technology, so they followed a path to weaponize civilian technology. For example, if they could take our America’s electrical grid, they could cause chaos in America, distrupt our military supply chain, etc.

    Several experts believe that China’s People’s Liberation Army played a role in the 2003 Northeast power outage. Tim Bennett, the former president of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance, a leading trade group, said that U.S. intelligence officials have told him that the PLA in 2003 gained access to a network that controlled electric power systems serving the northeastern United States. The intelligence officials said that forensic analysis had confirmed the source, Bennett said. “They said that, with confidence, it had been traced back to the PLA.” These officials believe that the intrusion may have precipitated the largest blackout in North American history, which occurred in August of that year. A 9,300-square-mile area, touching Michigan, Ohio, New York, and parts of Canada, lost power; an estimated 50 million people were affected.

    Officially, the blackout was attributed to a variety of factors, none of which involved foreign intervention. Investigators blamed “overgrown trees” that came into contact with strained high-voltage lines near facilities in Ohio owned by FirstEnergy Corp. More than 100 power plants were shut down during the cascading failure. A computer virus, then in wide circulation, disrupted the communications lines that utility companies use to manage the power grid, and this exacerbated the problem.

  3. Green Mtn Punter

    And what, pray tell, is our Community Organizer-In-Chief doing about it?
    Strikes me as much more serious than the Russians shipping missles to Cuba in 1961-62. Cui bono?

  4. Anonymous

    our govt is fully aware. gps tracking wasnt built into chinese manufactured cell phones by accident. they collude. they collude on alot of things. your govt has wet dreams thinking of the power the central govt in china wields. that day is coming, slowly but surely.

  5. Green Mtn Punter

    So, Anon, I take it that the American people are being deceived by the collusion between the ChiComs and The Alinsky Obamacrats? So, who is looking out for US?! Sounds like treason to me.
    Is the U.S. military in cahoots? How could they not be? I have been counting on the military to be the Counter-Revolution against any funny business Obama & Co try to pull.

  6. Anonymous

    funny with all the western contractors in the new iraq, western oil companies were told hands off and only bid on 6 of 12 fields. china, who was against the war, has won six out of 12 contracts so far, paying as little as 2 bucks a barrel.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Would not be surprised from the evil culture that puts plastic in baby formula…