This is probably why the owners of 87 Perkins Road are selling

Half the price of a Milbank condo

For the same money, they can live here in Nashua, New Hampshire. I don’t know where Nashua, New Hampshire is, but does it matter? There’s enough room to install a private airfield here, and then you’ll be able to accommodate Tommy Hilfiger and Mark Mariani. (UPDATE: A reader corrects me that the place is in Newport, New Hampshire – bring your Breton Reds! – which seems to be up near New London – no subs, but an airfield for Tommy)

Five hundred acres (and damn, don’t I wish it were still a 25,000 acre hunting preserve) and a house, all for $3.5 million – negotiable, surely.



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4 responses to “This is probably why the owners of 87 Perkins Road are selling

  1. burningmadolf

    If and when I win Megamillions, I’ll buy it, black fly season be damned.
    I couldn’t find the property taxes. I noticed in the disclosures the owner wrote “to reduce taxes” next to the question: Is any part of this property in current use.

  2. Anonymous

    it’s in newport, nh.

  3. Green Mtn Punter

    This sounds like a 500 acre slice of Corbin Park, the wild game hunting preserve? The Corbin Mansion? Corbin Park is legendary in these parts, covering parts of six (6) towns. There are several websites dealing with Corbin Park if you Google Corbin Park.