Well, we know she’s a professional real estate agent

Terri Buhl sends along this latest piece of dreck from a New Canaan realtor. 

Spring is looking Bright! That’s what she says – to me it looks as though the New Canaan market is lying on its back with its legs sticking up in the air but that’s just me. I’d be curious, just by the way, to see the figures from 2006, when there was actually an active real estate market up in Whitebreadville.

New Canaan Pending and Sold Properties . 1st Quarter

   Year    # SFR Pending    # SFR Sold    TOTAL Contracts
  2008            41         32             73
  2009            15           7             22
  2010            35         26             61
  2011            34         46             70
  2012            24         42             66


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6 responses to “Well, we know she’s a professional real estate agent

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I read this as “it looks to me like Ms. McBeal is lying on her back with her legs sticking up in the air”.

    You demented little perv. And I admire that. It is your only known apparent human quality.
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    well – why don’t you do the research and find out the exact delta. I have looked at transaction rates in lower Fairfield County, and statisically they had a one to two standard deviation event after Lehman depending upon the town. (which is highlighted here by the 22 transactions in 09) So, given pre and post, I’d say the New Canaan realtor seems to have better insight than your off handed derogatory remarks. And you want to compare it to a frothy 2006 market – how does that help ? why do you not look at transaction rates til the mid 90’s, and if you want to use your head for something other than a hat rack, normalize for population, and come up with a median number of transactions. I think you will see that New Canaan transaction rates are well within the norm.

    Another knucklehead realtor – that being you. And for this you want four points on my transactions ?

  3. Anonymous

    I do not own any property in New Canaan. Prove me wrong – you have access to MLS – do the math and publish the results so that your readers can benefit from some factual analysis. If you are right more power to you – but you are not and your offhanded snobbish glib remarks are not helpful, for either buyers or sellers. Brokers in most industries are market makers; in real estate you folks are overpaid chauffeurs. The lack of intellectual capital in your profession is astonishing.

    • Real estate brokers are indeed not “market makers”, if by that you mean they are buyers of last resort.

      If you mean that we don’t set and support prices, you are still right: only the government or a monopoly can impose prices on buyers – your expectation that brokers can or will set a floor or drive up prices reveals a profound ignorance of the real estate market.

      Good luck with your short sale.

  4. Look on the bright side

    regardless, in any mkt (including real estate) after sharp drops like we’ve seen the past few years in both prices and volumes, one would expect a bit more of a bounce – the fact that we haven’t seen such is why “normal” rates of volume going back to some arbitary date are not as valid

    I think CF is right in that things are not as cheery as people want to report….