What’s a building lot of four acres in the Back Country worth?

25 Wilshire

$1.9 million for four acres, if 25 Wilshire Rd is indicative. 406 days on market, original asking price, $3.450. Is it just me, or does selling a house for 55% of the price you listed it for evidence a bad understanding of the market? Its assessment was $1.896, by the way.

On the other hand, Belle Haven continues to impress. 55 Otter Rock, asking $10.750 million (1.43 acres) has an accepted offer just fifteen days after hitting the market. I’d rather live in Nashua, New Hampshire. I’m sure whoever is buying this can afford to do both. Assessment $4.5 – go figure.


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10 responses to “What’s a building lot of four acres in the Back Country worth?

  1. Just_looking

    Many high end properties seem to be under assessed by a substantial ammount resulting in the owner significantly underpaying their property taxes. The conspirist in me thinks this is part of the game, where the people with less money pay a bigger share than they should while the upper echelon pay less than their fair share.

  2. anonymous

    Buyers (those “boys from Ridgebrook”) are going to live in 25 Wilshire. Pretty good deal for a house and 4 acres at the top of Round Hill.

  3. anonymous

    Contrary to what you realtors like to tell each other, and your selling clients, not EVERY older house, particularly architecturals, is a tear down. There are still those buyers who eschew the cookie cutter 7000+ sq ft wallboard colonials and Georgians.

  4. Row Your Boat

    The Otter Rock house is a RIP OFF for $10+MM…

    • Price surprised me too, but I’ve never understood Belle Haven’s attraction. Obviously, some people will pay a huge premium to live there and more power to them.

  5. jeremy jones

    Wow, Otter Rock looks like someone tried to mix Greenwich Village with Greenwich. I think I’d send back the ultra-contemporary kitchen to whatever uber-hip kitchen design showroom sold it and actually install something that fits the house . . . I don’t get this house at that value . . .

  6. anonymous

    Re: Otter rock. What’s with the giraffe washer behind the kitchen sink, what are those orange saucer pads on the floor in the master bedroom, and why is the pool table in a kitchen?

  7. Anonymous

    Oh no more jealous posters again? House in one of the nicest parts of town sells in 2 weeks. Happy buyer who I am sure will furnish it to his taste.

  8. HH

    What happened with 55 Otter Rock? Is it back on the market? Doesn’t say in contract on the website