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Who knew? French films aren’t restricted to M.Hulot and Jerry Lewis


So who's watching?

Or so says this article about a movie program held by the Greenwich Alliance Francaise. Cheese was served.

(Thanks, AJ, for reminding me of this guy)


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Pay it backwards

Here - surely someone else needs this money more than I do

In a surprising display of recognition that they’re undeserving, folk taking in less than $13,000 a year hand back 9% of that sum to their government by buying lottery tickets. “I know this was never my money,” said Penelope Snodgrass of Greenwich, Connecticut,”so the least I can do is return some of it. What with food stamps, AFDC, Section 8 Housing and Medicaid, not to mention my welfare check, I started feeling a little guilty.”


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Mark your calendar

Peter Tesei marches in the Frank Farricker Parade (Michael Skakel, right)

Next Friday is the Peter Tesei- sponsored Frank Farricker Day!


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And there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth

We'll always have Keystone

EPA retreats on fracking pollution suit. Third time in a row. The science is settled.

The Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its claim that an energy company contaminated drinking water in Texas, the third time in recent months that the agency has backtracked on high-profile local allegations linking natural-gas drilling and water pollution.

On Friday, the agency told a federal judge it withdrew an administrative order that alleged Range Resources Corp. had polluted water wells in a rural Texas county west of Fort Worth. Under an agreement filed in U.S. court in Dallas, the EPA will also drop the lawsuit it filed in January 2011 against Range, and Range will end its appeal of the administrative order.

In addition to dropping the case in Texas, the EPA has agreed to substantial retesting of water in Wyoming after its methods were questioned. And in Pennsylvania, it has angered state officials by conducting its own analysis of well water—only to confirm the state’s finding that water once tainted by gas was safe.

Taken together, some experts say, these misfires could hurt the agency’s credibility at a time when federal and state regulators seek ways to ensure that natural-gas drilling is done safely.

A growing number of industry, academic and environmental experts say that while drilling can cause water contamination, that can be avoided by proper use of cement seals and other safety measures.


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