Mark your calendar

Peter Tesei marches in the Frank Farricker Parade (Michael Skakel, right)

Next Friday is the Peter Tesei- sponsored Frank Farricker Day!


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6 responses to “Mark your calendar

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    I knew Francis peddled dirt, but he also has an “investment firm”? What is that all about? How much AUM? What is his investment advice? Buy low, sell high? Or, as chairman of the lottery, does he just sell them some scratch offs?

    And about the lottery. We didn’t win, now did we? I KNEW you would screw this up. You couldn’t find Port Chester so you bought it in Greenwich. Right? A sure fire way to lose. The ticket MUST be bought at a bodega. So I owe you a dollar. Send me a bill. You frigging loser.

    And Francis is a cricket fan? I should have known that. The most boring man on the planet is a fan of the most boring sport on the planet. Makes perfect sense, actually.

    Anyhows, I love parades!! Where and when? Will there be floats and midgets? Can we toss beads at the hotties and have them flash their fun bags? I hope so!! Do you want me to write a speech for you to honor Francis? I can load it up with penis jokes. Do you know if he has one?

    So congratulate him for me, and tell him to keep his wicket wet!!

    Your Pal,


  2. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    Priceless! I especially like the line about cricket. One little nitpick-I believe his wife is spelled Cathy (not Kathy). Should I call Tesei’s office so they can revise the proclamation?

  3. Anonymous

    I think you’re a day early sir.

  4. anonymous

    Hmm. I thought that was already Chris von Keyseling day. Same deal.

  5. Chimney

    The proclamation omitted the fact that that Frank was a judge in the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce best- pie contest. I forget how many he got hit in the face with.

  6. Typos. Doesn’t anybody proof this stuff?