Who knew? French films aren’t restricted to M.Hulot and Jerry Lewis


So who's watching?

Or so says this article about a movie program held by the Greenwich Alliance Francaise. Cheese was served.

(Thanks, AJ, for reminding me of this guy)


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8 responses to “Who knew? French films aren’t restricted to M.Hulot and Jerry Lewis

  1. AJ

    Few films equal the beauty of Cocteau’s “Beauty and the Beast”. Watching it is like watching a moving painting, the beauty of which is in the very subtle soft lighting. I saw it at the Elgin theater in New York, but if you watch it on TV that subtleness is lost, and it’s just another movie. Perhaps with HD wide screens and HD DVDs it’s possible to recapture that experience. If so, it’s well worth watching. Godard’s “Weekend” and “Contempt” are also well worth watching, again if for nothing more than the wide screen visual experience. All three of these films have a very hallucinatory quality to them. But then with the French, the art, the visual experience, is what it’s all about. They also have this thing for clowns; I’ve been living with the Frenchies for nearly twenty years and I’ve yet to understand it?

  2. Al Dente

    Attendees should have worn burqas.

  3. Anonymous

    Cheese was served? Avez-vous un problème avec ça, CF?

  4. Mr. Hulot changed my life. Here I am with him on-set in Paris about Aug. 5, 1965, when I was 17 years old. http://bit.ly/HwPZiJ This movie, released as “Playtime,” killed him off, financially and otherwise.

    This is not about the clowns, but something far bigger and more serious. I was picked out of a mail line at American Express by a casting director assistant to play an obnoxious American teenager, spreading cultural shallowness around the world. Here it is – 15 seconds of fame: http://youtu.be/E64l3MxIZqs

  5. Anonymous

    Oh WoW! I love foreign films too. Especially the farm ones. What those european women can do with two live eels is facinating.

  6. AJ

    When Premier Bernard Landry replaced Premier Jacques Parizeau the first thing he did was give eighteen million dollars of taxpayer money to the Montreal clown school.

    “And then there’s Bernard Landry.

    The provincial finance minister cum premier-in-waiting allocated eighteen million dollars to fund the province’s circus school.

    The reason? Apparently Quebec, and presumably the rest of the world, is suffering from a shortage of clowns!

    Which would come as a surprise to anyone who keeps a weather eye on Canadian politics.”

    Source: http://www.tomifobia.com/belford/george_orwell.shtml

  7. AJ

    Anon 9:36, I believe the cheese being served was on the screen and had nothing to do with the plates of brie, grapes and walnuts. Let me share some of my favorite frenchness avec tu, mon ami(e). Here’s Jean Leloup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAappAsGBO0