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They protect their own

Who's greener than bankers?

Freddie Mac executive Anthony Renzi, who ran GMAC Mortgage into the ground before hiding out with his federal friends for two years has now left Freddie for a new job with his private sector banking pals. With a proven track record of failure, why shouldn’t he be rewarded?

Before joining Freddie, Mr. Renzi served as the operating chief of GMAC Residential Capital, a unit of Ally Financial Inc. He was initially hired by Freddie to oversee the company’s mortgage-servicing operations.

Mr. Haldeman said in an interview that Mr. Renzi’s departure shows that Freddie Mac employees remain “sought after” in the broader housing-finance industry. “I very much appreciate the contribution he’s made, and I’m delighted for him,” he said.


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Pelosi lied, people died (got all choked up, anyway)


Before her conversion

Shocker! She knew terrorists were being water-boarded all along.

Even though everyone knew the Speaker of the House was lying, or more precisely, because everyone knew she was lying, House Democrats blocked a Congressional inquiry into the matter in 2009.

Good thing for her she isn’t Dick Cheney (but too bad for our country).


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2 Lauder Lane is up for sale again

Saw this house in 2003, 2004 when it sold in the $4 million range, now it’s asking $8. According to the listing, the  new owners performed  extensive renovations in 2004 and I’m sure they must have since they want to double what they paid. Two acres of great lawn, a fantastic old charmer and Lauder is close to town, so you’ve got location, property and the house all going for you. The town assessor calculates its market value as $3.898 million but what does he know?

We’ll find out, sooner or later.


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Breaking news from Genesis 22

Man, you must be puttin' me on

Man arrested for attempting to sacrifice his son


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Everything old is new again

Better'n new, you betcha!

It’s spring, and long dormant homes are reappearing as “new” listings. Well, ya gotta try, I suppose, but  retreads usually sell at a discount.

One Birchwood Road, a spec job over at Will Merry and (extremely) close to transportation via the Merritt Parkway, tried a price of $6.495 in 2006 and by doing so missed that market and followed the rest of the housing stock into the  in the abyss that began in late 2007. It’s been on and off the market since then and now it’s back with a Westchester broker and a new price, $5.695 million. Had they started there six years ago the builders might have made out but now they have an old house at the price of a new one and probably above that level, too. Fours, maybe? I remember it as not a bad house but a pretty standard spec and then there’s the Merritt to consider. Not horrible, but a factor.

And 82 Glenville Road (scroll), built new in 2002 and sold then for $3 million, $5,000 above asking, started at $3.875 a year ago and like Birchwood, is back as new, asking $3.250. Sounds as though the sellers will have to settle for that 2002 price or a tad lower. Good back yard, Glenville Road in front, NTTAWWT (!)


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Blue Danube waltz?

Libya’s former Prime Minister and, later, Oil Minister falls into the Danube and drowns. Police rule out murder but  it’s a little cold to be swimming in the Danube right now and this sure sounds a lot like any one of dozens of espionage/political thrillers out there. Besides, if the Russians can assassinate someone in London with a poisoned umbrella, how difficult would this be?


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Like political regimes of all stripes, Obummer’s fires employee who slips up and speaks the truth

EPA official who spoke candidly about his agency’s desire and goal to “crucify” the oil industry is fired. His boss, Obummer himself, promised to bankrupt the coal industry and he got elected. Hardly seems fair to toss overboard a flunky who was just following orders.


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