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First they delivered mountain lions, but I wasn’t a sheep, so I remained silent

Do you know who I am?

I just saw what looked for all the world like a back ferret or maybe a mongoose scrambling along the seawall across the creek before diving into a hole. Escaped pet? A new introduction of predators into the eco-system by our DEP? Whatever the cause, keep your mice indoors.


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Paging justice Scalia

Federal government bans chocolate milk, trans fats from school lunches, will require students to buy broccoli with their meal. (h/t, Paul Curtis)


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Hope and change, but not from Obummer

But let’s take it from anywhere we can find it. Democrat mayors take on teachers unions over tenure. The first fissures appear as those democrats responsible for keeping their cities solvent and the children of their voters educated recognize that the NEA is an implacable for of those goals.

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Uh oh, another angry home owner heard from

A reader has taken umbrage at my suggestion that the New Canaan real estate market is dead and sends this polite note:

I do not own any property in New Canaan. Prove me wrong – you have access to MLS – do the math and publish the results so that your readers can benefit from some factual analysis. If you are right more power to you – but you are not and your offhanded snobbish glib remarks are not helpful, for either buyers or sellers. Brokers in most industries are market makers; in real estate you folks are overpaid chauffeurs. The lack of intellectual capital in your profession is astonishing.

It’s a fair guess, given an earlier reference he made to “delta”, that this angry fellow somehow made money in the financial world. His ignorance, then, is even more astonishing. For instance, “brokers in most industries are market makers; in real estate you folks are overpaid chauffeurs”.

In what market does a broker set prices? Certainly not a free one, where consumers are free to shop around and get the best terms. This fellow’s concept of a real estate agent’s role is for her to drive her buyers around town and show them houses, priced at the sellers’ whims, and never advise on relative values.  Then indeed we would be nothing but chauffeurs but only a deeply depressed, deluded homeowner could think and expect that.

Even if we were so useless, oh Mr. Homeowner, our clients are not. They have eyes, they have brains and they can quickly detect that your house is asking $1 million more than a better one down the street and they will buy your competitor’s instead of yours. That you believe it is the responsibility and obligation of both your listing agent and the agent representing the buyer to merely show your house, extol its virtues and remain silent on your lunatic pricing decision is …unrealistic.

I take it back that you made a living in the financial world – you must have inherited.


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