A nice house goes on Summit Road

22 Summit Road (Riverside) sold for $1.075 on an asking price of $1.3 million. Houses on this side of the street (non-railroad) have decent yards. They used to be better, for kids, when the old Phoenix property’s meadow stretched behind them, down from Spring Street to Weston, but that’s progress.


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3 responses to “A nice house goes on Summit Road

  1. Row Your Boat

    This price is pretty good for the buyer. That used to be the cost for 1/4 acre Riverside land. Now, the buyer has a free option on the house. He can keep it and down the road see if he’ll rip that sucker down.

  2. Anonymous

    sometimes i don’t understand you chris. you are so quick to point out highway/merritt noise and here you are saying this house is nice and no mention of train/95 noise. is that because it’s in your beloved part of town?

    • I-95 noise on Summit? Never heard it. Trains accross the street, behind a row of houses? Negligible, to my ears. Living right on the Merritt? Different thing.