Open house preview

The list is final and although there are three pages of houses, I don’t plan on wasting much gas today. Old listings way up near New York can stay there, including one that offers free lunch but is way overpriced (and I saw it two years ago – it’s back today at 20% more than was paid for it then). Lots of retreads, either from the past year or a few years back, none of whose prices reflect what’s happened to the market since, say, 2004, and some that, while reasonably priced, I’ve seen before. There are three I need to see but since I need to see them in order to report back to my clients, you won’t get their addresses here – not yet, anyway.

In all, buyers and their agents who’ve been hoping to see new inventory at good prices will be disappointed, once again. Is it the sellers who are in denial, their agents, or both?


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9 responses to “Open house preview

  1. Broker

    Wait till after Easter…we will see many new listings in the last 3 weeks of April. I know many of my colleagues who are finalizing things with sellers.

  2. Anonymous

    denial. wonder how many failed owners were baseball card ‘investors’ too.

  3. Anonymous 2

    if you actually represented sellers instead of buyers you might have a different view on this

    • Why? I’ve represented plenty of sellers and I always wanted to sell the house, not sit and look at it. When I found sellers who weren’t interested in that process, I declined the listing, just as I do today.

  4. whatever

    everything you write is about over priced properties– not exactly what a seller looks for in a representative

    • I guess that’s why you don’t use my services (that, and the fact that I doubt you could pass the IQ and literacy tests I require of all potential clients before I waste my time). Lucky me.

  5. Row Your Boat

    this blog is getting nasty and self serving…advise to all buyers and potential buyers…hurry up..things are going to rip by year end. Wall Street will come back with a vengeance. Inflation will run away..gas prices keep going up…China will grow again..let’s get ready to party. Everyone else can lament about overpriced homes..blah blah blah.

  6. Things are going nowhere

    Row Your Boat,

    I have a house that’s perfect for you – please pay the asking price!

  7. Anonymous

    Whatever – He is not kidding about the IQ & literacy tests…I failed…