Price reported on Milbank Condo

Not bad at all. 172 Milbank sold for $3.175 million. That’s not the $4.250 it’s wanted since 2008 but then, we can’t always get what we want. I apologize for the photoshopped picture but we work with what we’re given.


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9 responses to “Price reported on Milbank Condo

  1. greenwich dude

    that tax number has to be for both units, no?

  2. When you photoshopped the picture you forgot the burning aircraft in the background.

  3. InfoDiva

    That unit is assessed at almost $4 million, so $41K in taxes is about right.
    Riverside owners are in for quite a jolt when the tax man cometh next time around.

  4. dogwalker

    The assessment is almost $4, so the taxes are for one unit. Downtown taxes went way up because of the development. The leftover from the old working class are getting killed. Really doesn’t seem fair . . . but I’m biased.

    This also does not bode well for 198 Milbank.

    So I take this means I won’t see that guy strolling out to get his paper in his silk robe anymore. Sigh. I’ll live.

  5. Anonymous

    Nah, 5 years is plenty of time for buyers to come to their senses and realize they are paying builders 4 million bucks for putting up tract homes on one million dollar tear down on tiny lots.

  6. Row Your Boat

    Riverside property taxes are best bargain in Fairfield County. I guess the pimps at Beamers are getting paid off or something.