It’s back

9 Tomney Road (off lower Stanwich) has returned to the market after expiring unsold last fall at $2.750 million. The owners paid $2.795 for it in 2006 and, perhaps inspired by the recent contract on 42 Bote Road, just around the corner, which was asking $3.3 million, they’ve essentially left last year’s unsuccessful price unchanged, dropping it a wee bit to $2.699.

This was an impressive house six years ago – good quality finishes and a convenient location, even if the back yard was skimpy. I’ll be curious to see whether Bote’s success has pushed this one’s value back up to 2006’s level or if Bote was just a one-off. Stay tuned.


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7 responses to “It’s back

  1. anon

    I find houses like this one unremarkable. They may have quality finishes but I look at it and see plain old vanilla. Just because vanilla is the number one selling flavor of ice cream, doesn’t mean vanilla houses go first.

  2. anon

    maybe predictable is a better word than vanilla. your point is well taken – that alot of buyers look for something safe, predictable. translation to me, boring. i see no character, nothing that differentiates this house from another.

  3. Anonymous

    CF – any updated feedback/thoughts on 33 highview (on for 3.1) and (i think but may have the number wrong) 5 irvine on for 3.35? i have a view but wanted to hear your thoughts first

  4. greenwich dude

    Looks like a lovely house to me

    I think we’re ready for the current school district arbitrage to close a little. People paying premium money for Riverside / OG may start to see some of these North St. properties as a bit more attractive.

    wonder how much this would go for in the heart of riverside. prob 3 or so.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Yeah, seems like a fine home to me as well. The only negative is the back yard – which slopes away.

  6. Younger Mick

    This house would make 3.25 on a nice lot in Rside. Only issue is lack of a level rear yard.