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PETA would do more good if its members joined Save Our Children

Out of the way, you little rat bastid!

Easter Egg hunt cancelled for fear parents would trample the children

MACON, Ga. — Another traditional Easter egg hunt has fallen victim to  aggressive parents, with event organizers in Macon, Ga., forced to cancel this  week amid fears greedy moms and dads would become violent and trample on kids to  grab eggs.

Joe Allen, founder of Kids Yule Love which organizes the Central City Park  egg hunt, said previous bad behavior meant this year’s event had become a  liability because “parents caused a situation in which some children got hurt,” The (Macon) Telegraph reported.

He said that a woman was hurt and several kids were trampled on at previous  hunts as aggressive parents tried to get more eggs for themselves or their  children.

“When people get hurt, they want some kind of compensation,” Allen added.


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Prominent Connecticut Democrat calls opponent a whore

I don't see the problem

That’s not very nice.

Lee Whitnum, an author from Greenwich who claims some of her ideas will anger voters, went after U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy for his stance on support for Israel.

“I am dealing with whore here, who sells his soul to AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), who will say anything for the job,” she said, in regards to Murphy.

Asked for comment, Whitnum’s fellow Democrat and Greenwich neighbor, Mr. Dollar Bill, was unequivocal in his support: “Lee has a constitutional right of free speech”, he asserted, “even if she did have to present her ID at the door tonight. And hate Israel? Of course she does! Name a single Democrat who doesn’t. I do think calling Mr. Murphy a whore was ill-advised, however – we don’t want to offend our core base, professional sex workers and wimmin in general.”


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Chavez dying, “tea baggers” silent

Hugo Chavez is dying and pleads with God to spare him. Of (some) interest is the comparison between the libertarian blogosphere on this news – utter silence – and the hate that spews out from the liberal bloggers like Democrat Underground when a conservative figure is ill – Dick Cheney being just the latest example. Could that be because one group values human life while the other doesn’t? Lenin, Mao and Che would suggest the answer.

UPDATE: Here’s an assortment of liberals reacting to Andrew Breitbart’s death:

UPDATE: And of course, there’s also liberal racism: “Lynch Clarence Thomas”, “put him back in the fields”. At least these folks don’t wish cancer on him.


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Shocker: massive fraud in federal stimulous spending

Justice Department investigating.


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Another Old Greenwich house coming on the market?

Belated wedding gift from the father-in-law from Hell

Judge permits Madoff Trustee Picard to assert claims against Mark Madoff’s ex-wife.

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Former Solyndra employees

Yesterday: Job news could be so good that it’s bad. Consensus, 210,000 new jobs, diminishing chances of more free money from the Fed.

Today: Job news so bad that it’s good?  “Disaster” as jobs report misses expectations.  120,000 new jobs, so will the printing presses get busy? It’s an election year and the Federal Reserve is under the sway of a guy running for reelection. What do you think?

War against Iran grows closer.


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