Chavez dying, “tea baggers” silent

Hugo Chavez is dying and pleads with God to spare him. Of (some) interest is the comparison between the libertarian blogosphere on this news – utter silence – and the hate that spews out from the liberal bloggers like Democrat Underground when a conservative figure is ill – Dick Cheney being just the latest example. Could that be because one group values human life while the other doesn’t? Lenin, Mao and Che would suggest the answer.

UPDATE: Here’s an assortment of liberals reacting to Andrew Breitbart’s death:

UPDATE: And of course, there’s also liberal racism: “Lynch Clarence Thomas”, “put him back in the fields”. At least these folks don’t wish cancer on him.


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3 responses to “Chavez dying, “tea baggers” silent

  1. Sebastian

    Somebody has the nerve to watch those videos? Oh well…

  2. Anonymous

    sean and hugo are due to star in a remake of freebie and the bean

  3. Green Mtn Punter

    The left is clearly power and control-crazed. They always have been. Yet they pin this on the right amd get awaty with it! Always The Big Lie with them beginning with their heroes Lenin, and Stalin, and in America, Alinsky.
    The media have always slanted left so this is nothing new. You would think that the right would have been able to counter this by now?

    Joe McCarthy has been vindicated as is so powerfully demonstrated in M Stanton Evans biography of a couple of years ago. Read also Allen Weinstein’s excellent account of the Hiss-Chambers era. The mainstream media has always slanted left as these books demonstrated. We have known this for years.