But if they WERE employed, they’d have paid sick leave and a minimum wage of $50 an hour!

I don't get it

Teens lose retail jobs because no one’s hiring them. Hmm – it costs more to hire them than they’re worth – what could the matter be?

UPDATE: In an earlier comment, Dollar Bill (left) pointed out that San Francisco has paid sick leave laws and ‘”it’s doing fine”. As of last September, overall teen unemployment in that city is 25.4% and black teen unemployment jumped to 46.5%, up from 39.2% the previous July. But as usual, it’s not results that count with liberals, it’s whether their intentions are good.


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19 responses to “But if they WERE employed, they’d have paid sick leave and a minimum wage of $50 an hour!

  1. Cos Cobber

    I believe the democratic party argument is that these are jobs nobody should want anyway.

    Their ideal economic distribution is weighted, 30% in government, 30% in education, 20% in health care, 10% in natural foods, 9% in NGOs and 1% in military/industrial/financial production. The government will distribute clothing and other retail goods in the future, saving these teens from having to toil in retail.

  2. Anonymous


    It is time for you to reveal that you are, in fact, DollarBill. You made the mistake, in creating his character, of making him too perfect a fool. In order to make him more believable as an actual person, you should have occasionally had him say something reasonable. As it is, he seems to be such a caricature of the typical idiotic reactionary left winger that we, as readers, can too easily tell that he is your creation.

  3. Balzac

    Did Chris also create that other pitch-perfect liberal who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

  4. Dollar Bill

    Paid sick leave is not responsible for and has nothing to do with these high rates of teen unemployment in SF,as any economist will tell you. High rates of teen unemployment exist in cities with no paid sick leave. Your Tea Party logic fails you again. And no, offering slave wages of $2/hr. isn’t going to incentivize businesses to hire kids. What’s needed is more economic stimulus, a de-emphasis from the Fed on inflation, a greater emphasis on unemployment, and a renewed push for more youth job training programs, as the estimable Dean Baker calls for in that article.

  5. Cos Cobber

    wtf is youth job training anyway?

  6. Balzac

    What $ Bill is saying is that we need more government debt.
    Yesterday the debt clock on the Treasury office near Times Square said that at $15 trillion, each household’s share of the Federal debt is $150,000. Connecticut’s government debt is $14,000 per household (highest in the nation – aren’t we proud?). Greenwich will reach its debt limit of $210 million or $10,500 per household in two fiscal years. So the total is $174,500 for each and every household in Greenwich. The liberal solution -to anything – is to supersize government. Happy now?

  7. burningmadolf

    DB wants to go from $Bill to $$$$$Bill

  8. I used to have a job where part of my responsibilities were to supervise high school kids. One of the kids was taking orders for stolen cds. He would steal-to-order.
    When I tried to talk to the kids about how wrong they were to be doing this, they unanimously believed that the storechain deserved it for paying minimum wage. They had no concept of the idea of getting break when you get your first job and if you just do it right, someday you’ll walk away with a good letter of reference that will help you get a better job.

  9. Honest Abe

    Just raise taxes to pay for more programs, Greenwich can afford it and will pay lots more in taxes soon. These programs are the only thing stopping the under-educated, unemployed dirty hordes from walking into towns like Greenwich and taking what they want.

    Be glad you get off so cheap.

    • These programs are the only thing stopping the under-educated, unemployed dirty hordes from walking into towns like Greenwich and taking what they want

      In fact it is the educated, unemployed dirty hordes who have walked into Greenwich and indeed, the entire country and taken what they want. Occupy Wall Street is the spearpoint, the Democrat philosophy the shaft, appropriately enough.


  10. Honest Abe

    Yeah, but the morally superior become indignant at paying for welfare and schools, but never for corporate welfare as they tend to be the prime beneficiaries.

    • morally superior become indignant at paying for welfare and schools

      Where, other than Mother Jones News, do you get that from? The complaint is that the present public school system as designed and run by the NEA, isn’t working. Not many people are calling for tha abolition of public schools, although I could make the argument, but rather its reformation. Same thing with welfare – way back in 1968 or so that original teabagger, Daniel Patrick Moynahan, called out the failure of the welfare system to make lives better and its destruction of the black family. Your type reacted in outrage because the Senator was ignoring your good intentions and in your world, good intentions trump results, every time.

  11. Anonymous

    Wait. Because we figured out that DB was your creation, you now have created a second foil in DB’s image? Try creating one that appears to have at least a half a brain. It is more entertaining if the opponent appears to be intelligent.

  12. Inagua

    Chris – Moynihan’s 1965 report used these topic headings, which sound almost quaint today:

    –Nearly a Quarter of Urban Negro Marriages are Dissolved.
    –Nearly One-Quarter of Negro Births are now Illegitimate.
    –Almost One-Fourth of Negro Families are Headed by Females.
    Abe – Good point — the bounty the producers pay to the moochers is the price of a relatively peaceful society. It is the bread and circuses of our time. And cheap at that. Maybe about one third of GDP. I’d like to cut it back, but not at the price of OWS types breaking out running riot.

  13. Peg

    You silly people! $Bill knows where you get the cash for all these wonderful programs and subsidies: the money tree!

    We just need to plant some more money trees….. Then, the Tooth Fairy and Santy Claus can pluck all the $Bill’s off the trees 🙂

  14. AJ

    Stimulus? Isn’t that when you apply electrodes to something that’s already dead and make it twitch?

  15. Dollar Bill

    Peg: That money tree is always shaking when the time comes to fight costly and unnecessary wars, isn’t it. And the money tree is always shaking when it comes time to do what Teabaggers like Paul Ryan love to do best:shovel out billions and billions in tax cuts to rich people, and to Pentagon contractors. The tree can always shake then, can’t it Peg? And you are the ones who like it to shake, dont you Peg?

  16. Inagua

    “…costly and unnecessary wars…”

    Dollar Bill,
    The wars were indeed a waste of money, but how much? Perhaps a bit more than a trillion dollars? That still leaves many trillions wasted on Stimulus, bailouts, Solandra, cash for clunkers, fast and furious, Obamacare, the Department of Education,etc. And defense, while grossly bloated, is at one of its lowest levels as a percentage of federal spending.