Other than they’re both made in China, can you see any similarity?

Cult of personality


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6 responses to “Other than they’re both made in China, can you see any similarity?

  1. AJ

    In a cult of personality, only one voice is heard: think Mao. All dissent will be silenced — they’re at it again.

    CISPA: New Internet bill could practically shred the First Amendment

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Is this a pop quiz? I love pop quizzes!! Can I play? Do I win a prize if I get it right? I hope so!!
    So let’s see. You have a red white and blue cheap looking basketball with a picture of Erkel on it. Then you have a black and white mug, with a picture of Charles Manson on it. I think this is a trick question Dude. Both Erkel and Manson, were made here. Although there are rumors Erkel may have been born in Kenya.
    Anyhows, did you have a nice Easter? Mine was GREAT!! Did you do mutton or road kill? Here is a belated Easter present for you and the reader:

    The things I would do to her bunny hutch!!
    Your Pal,

    • Thank you Walt – until just now I had never heard of Miss Upton but after Wikiwhatevering her, I learn that she was a young equestrian champion. get along lil’ doggie!

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    You really do need to start getting out of your cave more. How do you not know who Kate Upton is? She of the most spectacular fun bags maybe ever!! I mean really, you are scaring me more than normal, Bubble Boy.
    And who cares if she is an equestrian? I could care less about her religion. And she may actually have a sense of humor.
    Steph – on the one in a million shot you are the reader of this blog, you better start stepping up your game, Baby. There is a new hottie in town, who may soon pass you on my popability list. So call me. Drop Buddy Hackett. Trust me on this one.
    And Dude, stop being so picky and biased when it comes to the ladies. Pick one or two really important criteria you are looking for in a hottie, and stick with that. Leave race, religion, and social status out of it. You bigot. They don’t count for squat when you are rolling around under the silk sheets. I gave up on looking for perfection a long time ago, and Ms. Upton clearly has the two criteria I admire most.
    And her uncle is a Republican Congressman from Michigan. I couldn’t care if her uncle was Castro with those knockers, but my point is, Republicans – men and women – are better looking than Democrats. It is a scientific fact, and I can prove it with empirical evidence. We also have a sense of humor, even though we pay taxes!!
    How many times have you watched that video? You Perv. I burned out my monitor!!
    Your Pal,

  4. JRH

    Ha, as if the Republican cult of personality around Reagan the Great doesn’t exist…



    You guys named an airport after him when he was still alive! Nope, this one’s got a funny name and dark skin — must be a cult of personality.