A different era

Why do I suspect that Mat Lauer won’t be buying this? Andy Rooney’s Rowayton home is for sale ($789,000, ask).

The 2,474-square-foot, four bedroom, one bath Tudor style home was built in 1882 and is situated atop a hill, within walking distance of the village and train station. The Rooney’s purchased the home in the 1950s and raised their four children there.

One bathroom shared by six people? These days you’d be brought up on child abuse charges.


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3 responses to “A different era

  1. Cos Cobber

    I like the house, at least what I can see from the picture. Say what you want about Rooney, its too bad more and more of our media people, on both sides of the spectrum, wish to insulate themselves behind mega estates and gated communities as their careers grow financially.

  2. Georgie

    Are Rooney’s kids penniless? There has been something so weird how the kids have sold off literally everything of this great man and kept nothing of momento….not even his priceless typewriter???

    Rooney was the real deal. Despite being an international “celebrity” he was a true American….principled, unassuming, and nothing braggart. His house reflects those values.

    60 Minutes will never be the same without Rooney and Wallace.

  3. Anonymous

    According to the listing it has 2.5 baths. It also has terrible photos http://www.prudentialct.com/listingdetails.aspx?norecord=0&lk=2374179