Repeal the Eisenhower tax cuts!

I got mine, Jack, now piss off!

Geroge Clooney will host a dinner at his home for the very top of the 1% – $40,000 per head, all proceeds to go to the Koch Brothers Obummer. How rich do you have to be to have a house large enough to host 150 dinner guests (plus Secret Service) anyway? This wouldn’t be possible were it not for Eisenhower’s tax cut for Hollywood.

The host, by the way, says that Occupy Wall Street’s protest against corporate greed “sounds great”. These people are so narcissistic they can’t even imagine the depth of their hypocrisy.

I’ll bet you that Clooney pays at a lower tax rate than his make-up girl.


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12 responses to “Repeal the Eisenhower tax cuts!

  1. AJ

    Most likely they’ll be served outdoors under a tent. I think even I could serve 150 people on my little half acre. I think $40,000 is a small price to pay when you’re doing your part to save the planet; the only hard part would be finding enough people with heads fat enough to match their fat wallets.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Clooney no doubt has i) a portion of his money tied up in tax-exempt munis; ii) has structured his wages for movies as a partner – for cap gains and iii) invests in hedge funds which benefit from cap gains.

  3. Anonymous

    “When you’re doing your part to save the planet.” Oh my. You must have been laughing hysterically as you wrote that,

  4. But here is the real joke…all the radical right wingers on this blog are now stuck with Willard Romney!

  5. Balzac

    Gee, we expect the socially aware guests to arrive at his Los Angeles home in their Prius vehicles, right?

  6. Dollar Bill

    CF: Glad to hear that you support richies like Clooney paying their fair share of taxes. Too bad your party’s nominee, when he isn’t shopping for car elevators, and banks in the Caymans to park his carried interest windfalls, doesn’t agree with you. Lots of cognitive dissonance amongst the Galtian overlords these days, no?

    • If you consider a community organizer who preaches sacrifice to the middle class then sends his family on non-stop vacations around the world while he himself sucks up to billionaires at private, $40,000 – a head fund raisers evidence of “cognitive dissonance” among the brain-dead liberals who think he represents them then yes, I suppose there is.

  7. greenwich dude

    dollar bill and CF are fun when they go at it, but they are both conveniently ignoring one important fact: it’s not ideology and philosophy that suck at one end of the spectrum or another, it’s that pretty much all government and certainly all politicians completely suck.

    ok, back to it, boys!

  8. Anonymous

    Dollar Bill: how did you justify John Kerry’s billions and lifestyle when he was your 2004 candidate? Was that OK but it’s just not okay for any republican? get a load of HIS houses, even selling the italy pad to george clooney right before he ran for president. romney is POOR by comparison.

  9. NRA

    Mitt pays more in taxes in one year than any 3$Bill you can name will have paid in a lifetime. Seems rather unfair, yes?