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Gone in sixty seconds

47 Sinawoy Road, the original Fudrucker homestead, came on last week at $695,000, just about the same price ($690,000) the Fudruckers sold it for in 2004 and it’s already found a buyer. Nifty little house and well off the road. Price it, sell it, regardless of the price range.


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Living the hgh life

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous sends along a picture of Marissa Noel, still tripping the light fantastic with her rich friends. The older gentleman is supposed to be Blackstone Group’s Steven Schwarzman but I dunno, looks a lot like that legendary Greenwich realtor Tom Gorin to me.

Kissy kissy!


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Quick closing

74 Upper Cross Road, listed at $15 million and reported as under contract April 2 has closed, at $13.5 million. No need to wonder where Obama’s next pizza party will be held, I guess.


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Price cuts

While really well priced houses are selling quickly, those that aren’t so well priced don’t. So we’ll continue to see price cuts until the numbers match buyers’ expectations.

30 Jeffrey Rd

For instance, 30 Jeffrey Road just dropped a $100,000, from $1.595 million to $1.495. This is a decent house on a quiet street, Greenwich address and North Street School district so there’s almost certainly nothing wrong with it to turn buyers off except its price. A cautionary tale for the next time you’re tempted to engage in a bidding war (and they’re still going on): this owner paid $1,592,500 in 2004 on an asking price of $1,550,000. Oops.

127 Havemeyer Place

And 127 Havemeyer Place in downtown Greenwich has dropped again and is now priced at $1.997 million. This 2008 renovation, which was very well done, started at $2.897 million back in 2008, a pretty steep price for an okay, but not stirling neighborhood. After dropping to $2.5 million and expiring in December 2009 the builder jacked the price all the way up to $3 million the next month yet somehow still managed to draw no buyer. It’s been rented at $10,000 per month since last August and I assume that lease expires this July. Pull out your capitalization calculator and figure out the price from there.


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