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New listing and an update

One River Lane

1 River Lane in Cos Cob just came on today at $788,000 and it looks pretty good (open house next week). River Lane, off River Road and somewhat impacted by I-95 may not be “the Vineyard in Cos Cob” as listing agent Ken York describes it but it is a dead end and not a bad street at all. Tiny lot – 0.14 acre, extensively renovated in 2008 or I presume so, anyway, because they’re asking $300,000 + over what they bought it for in 2002. Assuming there’s a justification for the new price, then $788,000 should get you into a nice house at what passes for a reasonable price in this town.

Yesterday I wrote about the price reduction to $1.495 for 30 Jeffrey Road. A reader called and asked to see it (and that’s how this blog is supposed to work: I supply useful information, you call me, not your sister’s girlfriend’s cousin the real estate agent, and off we go, you to look at a house, me to make a living). The only objection that reader had was to the steep hill leading from Stanwich Road to the houses on Jeffrey but she, and I, loved the house itself. I think the hill concern isn’t much to worry about – Jeffrey is a public road so snowplowing shouldn’t be an issue, and the house itself is in fantastic condition. there’s a new roof which was laid down only after the previous roof was stripped (always a good practice, but more expensive), a generator, a waterproofed crawl space (4′ high, approx), new tankless water heater, updated baths, kitchen, windows, and so forth – you get the picture. The house itself is well laid out, bright and airy and in impeccable shape. The yard’s good, new landscaping, privacy from neighbors and fronts on a small pond. The current asking price is less than the owner paid for it in 2004 and that was without all her improvements. I think it’s the best house I’ve seen in the $1.5 range for a long time. Well worth seeing.


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Undoing a bidding war

(Representative photo, clouds by Sotheby's)

11 Crawford Terrace (NoPo) was listed pretty much as a land sale (1963 teardown on the lot) in 2006 for $599,000. After 372 days on the market a bidding war suddenly broke out and the lucky winner bought it for $710,000 in 2007. The house was scraped off the face of the earth but then the market failed and further activity ceased. In February, 2012 it was put back up for sale at $595,000 and sold today for $567,500.


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27 Midwood Drive in the Deer Park association has an accepted offer, last asking price $7.995, which I think was a huge bargain. This is a classic home, built in 1995 but renovated in 2007, on 2.25 acres (RA-1 zone), and very close to town. 8,000 + square feet, more bedrooms than you’ll need, great quality. Only problem that I could see that prevented it selling was price. It started at $12.750 milion in March of 2008, dropped a huge $3 million, to $9.750 in October, ’09, jumped back up to $10.375 in November 2010, dropped again to $9.250 last August and finally hit $7.995 this past February. That did it, but I wonder whether an original price of $9.750 might have produced a better sale price. We’ll never know.


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Shouldn’t there be a comma between “driving” and “guns”?

Women driving gun sales up


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Busted contract

Oh F**k!

125 Byram Shore Road, waterfront with modern (1986?) house on it (six bedrooms and 8 full, 3 half baths – what, are they Russians or something?) and asking $6.750 million, was reported with an accepted offer two weeks ago but is back on the market today. Bad building inspection? Failed appraisal? Heck if I know.


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It’s not all mansions in Greenwich

54 Center Drive sold today for $500,000. 1947 home on 0.13 acre but with hardwood floors, plaster walls and a “powder room in garage”. Hey, the price isn’t bad and I like Center Drive because you can walk to Binney, Perot Library, the train and the Village. Nice people on the street, too.


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Obama: “Taxes are for little pople”

I see a tax increase in your future, girl

Obama tax rate: 20%

Biden tax rate; 23%

Obama Secretary’s tax rate: 24%


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Remember when he promised us “smart diplomacy”?

I just wasn't ready - never will be

North Korea rocket launch, pending nuke test leaves Obama’s policy of engagement “in tatters”. Alienate friends and allies like Canada, Mexico, Israel, Poland and England, get nowhere with our enemies – not surprising results from a community organizer/teaching assistant/Illinois state representative, but will Americans care enough about foreign policy failures to turn this bozo out of office? Probably not – we as a nation worry about foreign policy on specific days: December 7, September 11, but otherwise, we bowl, or play polo.

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Chase loses YMCA suit, settles

Danger: idiots (not) at work!

I don’t know why they didn’t appeal, but the banks have settled with the Y and construction will resume after being halted for lack of funds back in 1910.


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The government finally admits what most of us have known all along: “sudden acceleration” is caused by morons, not stray electronic signals

I'm a ("working") woman and I'm voting for Obama because he'll protect me from myself!

NHTSA  orders gas pedal override system in all new cars and trucks to protect drivers when they step on gas and brake pedals simultaneously. Going all the way back to the Audi fiasco of the 1980’s, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on recalls and lost market share because our government couldn’t believe drivers could be so stupid. But why not? Who do they think gave them their jobs in the first place? Trial lawyers across our great nation will shed a tear over this, then move on to the vaccines cause autism scam.

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Awakening from a dream

104 E. Elm Street, Greenwich

A condo at 104 E. Elm sold today for $2,050,000. Asking price in 2006 (!) was $3.525 million.


502 Cognewaugh Rd

502 Cognewaugh, shown as “accepted offer” back in February, now reports an executed contract – no idea what took so long to get from one to the other but there it is. Last asking price was $4.195, first price in June, 2007, was $6.995 million. My guess is we’ll see this close at substantially less than $4.


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Life among the 1%: $5,500 paid by Obama Campaign for all political travel in 2011

Reimbursement is for the Little People

That’s how much the Messiah’s campaign reimbursed taxpayers for everyone’s fund raising trips last year.

A search of Obama campaign Federal Election Commission reports turned up less than $5,500 in payments last year to the U.S. Treasury – and those payments did not list the purpose behind them.

“The campaign will follow all rules and pay for the portion of travel that relates to political events, as has been true for previous incumbent presidential candidates,” said Obama campaign spokeswoman Katie Hogan.

Mr. Obama’s reliance on a panoply of military aircraft and Secret Service vehicles, including armored limousines, helicopters and Air Force One, is attracting additional scrutiny this year as he crisscrosses the country at a record-setting fundraising pace.

As of March 6, Mr. Obama has participated in 191 fundraisers, already topping the re-election cycle totals of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who held 167 and 173 fundraisers, respectively, according to Mr. Doherty, who has been tracking figures for an upcoming book, “Rise of the President’s Permanent Campaign.”

In addition, Mr. Obama has deployed Cabinet members and senior aides across the country in aggressive and unprecedented ways. The officials will appear as surrogates at so-called “super PAC” events, as well as campaign and party events. The campaign’s “Speaker Series” programs sells time with White House advisers and Cabinet officials. For $5,000, supporters can buy a “season pass” to see officials when they come to town.


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The New Civility

The smiling face of the new moderation

Chuck “Freddie” Kruger, Chairman, Maine Moderate Caucus: “Execute Cheney.” He is, of course, a Republican Democrat.


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Blame stand your ground laws (and the Koch Brothers!)

Execute Cheney!

120 shot dead in Chicago since January 1. Obama, Sharpton on way to protest.


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Roger Simon: Why Liberals are the New Squares

Peace, love and Mao

Same old, same old for 54 years

But there is nothing more square then to stay the same for decades (literally generations) as the world changes. Liberals have become the New Squares, conventional and predictable to an almost unfathomable degree. Like the very reactionaries they excoriate, they are always thinking backwards, trying finally to get programs right that were first tried in 1932 (and in some cases 1917) and have failed dozens of times since in literally dozens of countries.

If that’s not square, what is?


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