Awakening from a dream

104 E. Elm Street, Greenwich

A condo at 104 E. Elm sold today for $2,050,000. Asking price in 2006 (!) was $3.525 million.


502 Cognewaugh Rd

502 Cognewaugh, shown as “accepted offer” back in February, now reports an executed contract – no idea what took so long to get from one to the other but there it is. Last asking price was $4.195, first price in June, 2007, was $6.995 million. My guess is we’ll see this close at substantially less than $4.


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3 responses to “Awakening from a dream

  1. CosHarbour

    Way off topic….
    The Greenwich Y has somehow satisfied
    the liens and loans that were encumbering
    it, and will resume construction.
    I cannot wait to see the ugly wooden
    structure attached to the front facade

  2. Townie

    Did 502 ever close?

    • Not yet, but that’s not unusual (45 day6s and counting). This time of year a lot of sales are delayed until school, public or private, is over. Look for a June closing.