27 Midwood Drive in the Deer Park association has an accepted offer, last asking price $7.995, which I think was a huge bargain. This is a classic home, built in 1995 but renovated in 2007, on 2.25 acres (RA-1 zone), and very close to town. 8,000 + square feet, more bedrooms than you’ll need, great quality. Only problem that I could see that prevented it selling was price. It started at $12.750 milion in March of 2008, dropped a huge $3 million, to $9.750 in October, ’09, jumped back up to $10.375 in November 2010, dropped again to $9.250 last August and finally hit $7.995 this past February. That did it, but I wonder whether an original price of $9.750 might have produced a better sale price. We’ll never know.


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9 responses to “Finally

  1. anon

    semantics, but to me it’s wrong to call a home built in 1995 a classic. 1905 maybe.

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like it was decorated in 1905, otherwise great house

  3. Hello

    Midwood Road, not Drive.

  4. Anonymous

    oh boy, the price is a wopper. All things considered high $7s still too much. Comparing it to a crazy asking price of $12s is just a fantasy point of data. Talk about old transactions, assessments or improvements or REAL comps!

  5. Anonymous

    what’s in store for 2012?!

  6. anonymous

    The bottom is going to fall out of the real estate market and the world is going to go into a severe depression. That is what is in store for 2012. Buckle up!

    • Anonymous, I’ve recently witnessed a couple of deals fall apart when the sellers reached for the last possible dime on a deal and found myself sharing your sentiments. Good bless buyers for the courage to buy in the face of what I sense is a coming disaster but if I were a seller and had a chance to liquidate a real estate holding now at a decent price, rather than hold on to see what the coming year brings, I’d cash in.