New listing and an update

One River Lane

1 River Lane in Cos Cob just came on today at $788,000 and it looks pretty good (open house next week). River Lane, off River Road and somewhat impacted by I-95 may not be “the Vineyard in Cos Cob” as listing agent Ken York describes it but it is a dead end and not a bad street at all. Tiny lot – 0.14 acre, extensively renovated in 2008 or I presume so, anyway, because they’re asking $300,000 + over what they bought it for in 2002. Assuming there’s a justification for the new price, then $788,000 should get you into a nice house at what passes for a reasonable price in this town.

Yesterday I wrote about the price reduction to $1.495 for 30 Jeffrey Road. A reader called and asked to see it (and that’s how this blog is supposed to work: I supply useful information, you call me, not your sister’s girlfriend’s cousin the real estate agent, and off we go, you to look at a house, me to make a living). The only objection that reader had was to the steep hill leading from Stanwich Road to the houses on Jeffrey but she, and I, loved the house itself. I think the hill concern isn’t much to worry about – Jeffrey is a public road so snowplowing shouldn’t be an issue, and the house itself is in fantastic condition. there’s a new roof which was laid down only after the previous roof was stripped (always a good practice, but more expensive), a generator, a waterproofed crawl space (4′ high, approx), new tankless water heater, updated baths, kitchen, windows, and so forth – you get the picture. The house itself is well laid out, bright and airy and in impeccable shape. The yard’s good, new landscaping, privacy from neighbors and fronts on a small pond. The current asking price is less than the owner paid for it in 2004 and that was without all her improvements. I think it’s the best house I’ve seen in the $1.5 range for a long time. Well worth seeing.


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2 responses to “New listing and an update

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I never understood how people could ask you your “professional” opinion, pick your brain (slim pickings as there is, I might add), and then hire someone else to buy or sell dirt for them. It is just rude.
    Why not hire you? It is not like you are actually adding any value. So I would hire you in a heartbeat. I really would. What are my options? Hire a slutty little hottie broker with giant sweater puppies and red FMP’s, or you?
    Letting her take me on a sex filled adventure of empty houses, banging my brains out while she whispers in my ear the worst potty mouth things you have ever heard? Putting her lips where no lips have gone before? STAR TREK DUDE!!
    Now that I think about this, how exactly do you compete? And tell the GAR Evil Princess to call me. Suddenly I have the urge to move.
    Your Pal,

  2. Riverside Chick

    Financial Management Plan (FMP)????