Roger Simon: Why Liberals are the New Squares

Peace, love and Mao

Same old, same old for 54 years

But there is nothing more square then to stay the same for decades (literally generations) as the world changes. Liberals have become the New Squares, conventional and predictable to an almost unfathomable degree. Like the very reactionaries they excoriate, they are always thinking backwards, trying finally to get programs right that were first tried in 1932 (and in some cases 1917) and have failed dozens of times since in literally dozens of countries.

If that’s not square, what is?


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10 responses to “Roger Simon: Why Liberals are the New Squares

  1. hmmm

    they have been claiming to help the black people for decades now and how is that working for them? oh that’s right it’s not….

  2. Anonymous

    Lots more work to be done, but we do have the first black president

  3. Inagua

    Meanwhile the people that Simon mocks have succeded in establishing an Entitlement State in America. Simon might enjoy the rhetorical riposte, but Hillary, John Kerry, etc. have won the substantive policy war.

  4. Dollar Bill, with his Tourette’s-like repetition of overused and unoriginal insults like “Teabaggers”, is a perfect example. If he has an argument, he should deploy it.

  5. Chris


    Please, no more Dollar Bill. His comments have grown so strident and rude that I no longer enjoy reading the comment section of your blog.

    If he has so much to say, let him get his own blog.


  6. Fred2

    Inagua – exactly right, how did these losers manage to take over, anyway?

  7. Inagua

    Fred – I fear that an insufficient number of voters understand what is happening. To take just the most recent example of Mr.Obama: How could rational and objective person look at the record — Stimulus, Bailouts, Homebuyer Tax Credit, Cash for Clunkers, Obama Care, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the Boeing South Carolina Plant, the Keystone Pipeline, the deficits, the borrowing, etc — and vote to reelect such an executive? It is as if about half the electorate has absolutely no idea what is happening.

  8. hmmm

    i would say you haven’t even gotten to the starting gate…he hasn’t helped anyone he publicly rooted for when he began his journey…but i am sure he has helped out all of those he always intended to help.

    so long as the guy in fla is a white hispanic he is a white african american.

  9. Greenwich Gal

    Gosh, perhaps good manners will come back, too! And people would not whore themsleves out on reality shows! And tattos will go back to being a tacky, lower class signifier. Would that not be astounding!?