Daily Archives: April 14, 2012

Eddie Lampert shoves Land’s End overboard

Company’s up for sale. Sears employees, if there are any left, should start reviewing their exit strategy because clearly Lampert’s pulling the plug. I imagine he’ll sell off Craftsman and Kenmore next, then set about cashing in on the real estate which was always surmised to be his intention despite his repeated denials.



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Three years too late

Lockerbie bomber, released from prison in 2009 because he had “three months to live”, is finally dying. He had far longer to contemplate death than his victims.


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Not only does he refuse to pay higher taxes voluntarily, Obama’s avoiding them

Transfers $48,000 to his kids, tax-free. Well, sort of – he avoids the gift tax, anyway. Point is, for a guy decrying tax loopholes, he’s using them himself.


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