Where is the outrage from the Left?

Provision to strip American citizens of their right to travel passes Senate, heads for the House where it is expected to become law. Persons accused of owing taxes – disputed or not – will lose their passports, just on the say-so of an IRS employee. Imagine the hubbub from Dollar Bill and his crowd if this were to happen to an illegal alien! Democrat-sponsored, naturally.

UPDATE: IRS asserts that Warren Buffet owes a billion in taxes – his secretary will have her passport confiscated long before he ever does.


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13 responses to “Where is the outrage from the Left?

  1. burningmadolf

    “The legislation now moves to the Congress where, despite a Republican majority, the IRS provision is expected to be retained in the final version of the bill because it will raise an estimated $750 million dollars over ten years.”

    Both sides suck ass and should …. I can’t say it over the internet because I could probably be charged with some kind of crime.

  2. Just another way to build the leach voter base.

  3. Anonymous

    Outrageous – no due process. The Obama administration is walking all over our civil liberties. Sound familiar D-Bag?

  4. DollarBill

    Where are the voices of protest from “real Americans,” the Tea Partiers who were elected in 2010, and now control the House. Nowhere to be heard of course!

    • Tea Partiers did not take control of the House in 2010,much as we and you hoped they would. Until they do, we’d appreciate the Left’s help in resisting the crushing of civil rights.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    D-Bag is entirely appropriate and ACCURATE for you $B. Personally I think you are David Axelrod or David Plouffe or some close associate of either of those extraordinary douche-bags. F**K you for defending the indefensible. You are nothing but a very well trained lap dog or the NON-Liberals.

  6. George Leroy Tirebiter

    This is starting to get scary.

  7. Andrew Douglass

    That is absolutely BS!!! The IRS thugs just do whatever they want and no people cannot leave the country. I’ll take their a** to court if that ever happened. No due process and this private organization can affect our right to travel!….Where the hell is our government?…. WTF?!?!

  8. FJK

    Chilling- I do not think folks realize this affects so many who are not Tax Cheats – just folks whose businesses may fail, have financial issues due to some catastrophic event etc… Very Chilling… But since we are talking about the actual Cheats – watch and see when Celebrities, Athletes, and yes Politicians realize the impact of such power – I suspect some adjustments may be in the cards.. The key is this on the mere accusation of owing monies to IRS – it can take years, if not a lifetime to sort out those matters and often the IRS is not correct. What then.

  9. AJ

    …We should start by considering the big picture. The ramifications of this new under-the-radar federal move are large and far-reaching. Concerned readers would do well here to question both the fundamental and practical aspects of such a law. Consider for one moment the letter of the law- or the figure of $50,000. For extremely high net-worth individuals, this new regulation over their personal freedom amounts to a mere ‘speed-bump’ in financial terms. With their money buried securely into property, foreign investments and strings of shell companies and complex funds, financial elites will find this new super socialist state control affects only minor liquid cash amounts, or ‘pocket-money’. For the middle class or small investor, the picture is quite different. Fast-forward 12 or 18 months into the future where rising inflation and a severe devaluation of the dollar may occur.

    The ability for a middle class American to migrate his or her savings into the relative safe haven of a foreign currency or overseas investment is now controlled by the United States Federal Government.

    Economists and historians will note that such “Capital Controls” are part and parcel of super-socialist states like the Soviet Union and its former satellite states. Even today, it’s common practice for struggling socialist governments located in regions like South America, Central America and Africa to impose periodic restrictions on cash leaving those countries- a sure sign of a currency and economy in decline. This practice also characterizes foreign states who are under the economic restructuring administration of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). One could also speculate that such restrictions imposed on Americans would certainly pave the way for a future IMF-type administration of the USA, making it markedly easier to manage for the World Bank….


  10. AJ

    Here’s some outrageous propaganda from Canada’s NDP (New Democratic Party) which is left of the Liberal Party and what many people would consider to be communist in everything but name. They did win quite a few seats in the last Federal election as voters who were pretty much frustrated and fed up by the traditional Liberal Party and Conservative Party found themselves with no one left to vote for except the far left NDP and the even further left, I think, Green Party. It shows the level government will go to make you feel like the oddball outsider for not wanting to let them completey control your life and take everyting you have — sort of scolding you for not being politically correct enough in not wanting to fork over some more dough because good citizens must ultimately find income inequality quite disturbing to the point they are willing to do something about it (equalize incomes, its the only fair thing to do).

    …[A] survey of 2,000 Canadians, commissioned by the left-leaning Broadbent Institute, found that 23 per cent are “very willing” and 41 per cent are “somewhat willing” to pay slightly more tax in order to protect social programs such as health care, post-secondary education and pensions….58 per cent of Conservative voters are also in favour of it [when they say 58% of conservatives favor raising taxes to give more money to the poor, you know you’re listening to a bold faced lie].

    “Canadians are … really disturbed by the degree of inequality and they are prepared now to do something about it.”

    It [the results of the poll] calls on governments to match public opinion and take action to reduce income inequality.

    “This attitude toward paying slightly higher taxes is reflected equally in high income and middle income Canadian households. It’s only their governments who are offside,” says the report, the first from the newly established think tank.

    “It [the poll] shows that Canadians are way ahead of their politicians… 64 per cent of Canadians say they themselves are prepared to pay more taxes. Not just the rich, not just corporations,” Broadbent [former NDP Leader] said.

    “Canadian politicians, I repeat, are behind the people of Canada on this issue [i.e., the people demanding that their taxes be raised],” he said….


  11. AJ

    Thousands of Americans living overseas are giving up their US citizenship rather than deal with the burdensome tax requirements placed on US citizens living outside America. Too bad all the jobs left the country, just don’t you go try to follow them. Americans are essentially slaves and prisoners of their own country. Remember, once you’re living outside of the country you are no longer using anything of Ceasar’s (US dollars) to render to him. Ceaser doesn’t see it that way; he sees you as his personal property. Think I’m kidding? Check this out: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/16/us-usa-citizen-renounce-idUSBRE83F0UF20120416


    None of the ideas behind all these ‘new’ liberty curbing legislation’s are new. RON PAUL warned of these power grabs. AJ will confirm it. Better wake up before its too late.