Aw, this sucks

Levon Helm dead at 71. He’d come back from throat cancer but now he’s gone.


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10 responses to “Aw, this sucks

  1. I’m just enough older than you that The Band did not enter my record collection. Here’s a couple of YouTube videos for you to reminisce.

  2. I was half way to flunking out of college by 1968! And listening to The Doors or Marvin Gaye.

  3. EOS, don’t miss this one, thanks to Vanderleun: good history lesson, good clip from one of Helm’s many movies:

  4. Another Reader

    I love the song “When I go Away” from his Electric Dirt album from 2009. It’s classic stuff, and I actually thought I was listening to an early Band song when I first heard it on WFUV. Yes, very sad to have lost him.

  5. Yes, it does suck. All 3 of the best voices ever are now still.

    Thank you for posting these videos, EOS and Al.

  6. pbundy13

    I’m listening to The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down right now….. Bringing me back.

  7. Hey, I live there

    EOS, you may not have had any Band records in your collection, but anybody busy flunking out of college in 1968 who hadn’t decamped to an ashram must have had some of the songs from the album Music From Big Pink on their radar. How ’bout “The Weight” (“… take a load off Fannie …”), or my personal favorite, “Chest Fever.” From the next album come “Up on Cripple Creek” and “Rag Momma Rag.” I’m sure you’d recognize them!

  8. Mike C

    The harmonies produced by Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, and Levon Helm are legendary and will never be reproduced. And not for nothing; If you never heard the Levon Helm cover of the Cate Bros; ‘Standing on a Mountain Top” or his cover of Al Green’s “Take Me To The River”………well then, your musical life just aint complete. These songs are on Lee’ first solo album in ’78. its called aptly; Levon Helm:Levon Helm. If anyone wants a CD copy off my computer I’ll send em to Chris.

    RIP Rick, Richie, and Lee.

  9. @Hey, never discount the effort it took me to be so busy to skip classes! I got an A in dubbing! Sure, I know some of the songs The Band sang and I wish I could explain why I never bought their albums….what can I say? I’m off to YouTube to find Chest Fever; off the top of my head I can humm that one.