Democrats admit intellectual bankruptcy

Following the example of  Greenwich’s own Dollar Bill, the national democrat party has (no kidding – true!) released their new bumper sticker, designed as a Belgian flag and intended, one presumes, to stir their base into action. They have no record of accomplishment to run on and no ideas, so they’re trying the “Scott Brown supports oil companies” approach:


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5 responses to “Democrats admit intellectual bankruptcy

  1. Anonymous

    Dutch flag. 🙂

  2. Bacteria Bill

    Belgian? Dosent look like a waffle does it? Do you mean Belgium? Dosent matter, as its the flag of the Netherlands.

    Your mother should sue the town for a pro rated return of her tax dollars that went to pay for your grammar school edumakation.

    • You can refer to “the flag of Belgium” if you like, but the more common usage is “Belgian flag”. Remember that the next time you want to wave your American, Canadian or Mexican flag.

      As for which lowlands country uses that particular color scheme, you’re correct – must be my homophopia peeking through – I sub-consciously didn’t want to give air time to the dikes!

  3. Anonymous

    1,086 Days!!! since the Democrat-led Senate passed the budget resolution required by law each April 15th. Sadly, Democrats — who control the budget committee, the chamber, and the White House — don’t have a sense of constitutional responsibility.

    For a party that demands that voters put them in charge, they seem utterly unwilling to do the job once they have it. Voters should keep this in mind in November, up and down the ballot.

  4. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    I love the “Union Bug” at the bottom of the sticker.