Open house Thursday!

I’ll be heading out in a few minutes to see a handful of houses that look interesting. Four pages of inventory but many are retreads, more are hopelessly overpriced and some are in locations that I’d likely never recommend, so why waste the gas? I’m doing my bit to keep the polar bears safe.


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7 responses to “Open house Thursday!

  1. Sound Beacher
    Here is a “fun” $4 million NY house you could take mass transit to go see.

  2. InfoDiva

    If you don’t mind my asking, what are the locations that you would “likely never recommend”? I was under the impression that price fixes everything. Are there locations in Greenwich that are so terrible that you can’t even give them away?

    • No not at all, Info – there are some streets I really don’t like and, unless someone works in Westchester, some western and far northern stretches that I myself find too far from down to be practical for parents with young children (and my clients all seem to have young children) but that said, I do have clients who want a lot of land and a lot of privacy and really don’t mind the forty-minute round trip to drop their kid off at a birthday party. I’ll point out how much time that may consume, especially if they have three kids with three sets of playmates but I’m happy to show them the possibilities.

      For open house purposes, with gasoline now twice what it cost when I started this business and (don’t tell Walt) more time needed to tend to clients, I try to make my open house tours more efficient by culling out houses that I think are over-priced for their location. It’s critical for one’s usefulness as a real estate agent to know the market and I do try to see (most) houses that are for sale, at least once, but I strike a lot of houses from my must-see list when they first come on at a crazy price on a crappy street. I figure I’ll have plenty of time in the next year or two to drop in on them if I happen to be in the neighbprhood.

  3. Rick

    We were wondering why Frank was risking his life getting into the car with you. Inquiring minds want to know, did you see anything interesting?

  4. polly pavel

    Here is a random question: What happens to home values if/when the mortgage interest deduction gets wacked? Yes, a lot of Greenwich buyers don’t use a mortgage, but doesn’t that potentially really wack the low and and starter home market in Greenwich (meaning $1.5 and under) where mortgages are kind of a big deal and then won’t that translate into lower values for everyone?

    Anyone have any real information if this deduction will really be abruptly removed?

    Maybe an interesting question for the broader audience?

  5. Cos Cobber

    CF, I happen to notice yesterday that they have made tremendous progress in the capping and regrading of the Cos Cob Power Plant park.

    Does anyone know if the park will be open to the public later this year?

  6. Riverside Chick

    What did you think of 32 Tomac and 12 Indian Dr OG?